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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone has a page or can refeer me to a link/person with information about the ECAM's 11 different engine pages and about the different parts on the display. In-depth explanations is what i look for on all and every of the pages. Thank you in advance.
  2. As the topics name states i have a question. In the photo i will provide i wonder if there is two seperate Engine displays or if there is one that changes during flight phase, and about how the two ECAM displays work if you just choose what display you want to be shown at any given time or if the two displays of the Engine is shown at the same time has to be shown. If my explanation was unclear pleae take your time to ask me back about what i mean. Thanks for all help people out there.
  3. Hi, i am currently having a task to make a presentation about the ECAM Display and its different pages. What im wondering about is why there is two/2 CLR buttons on the Display. Thanks for answears, best regards. -Karsten