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  1. Thanks! Will do! Farley
  2. Beautiful! Just what I was hoping! I'm looking forward to it very much. May I assume that an inquiry as to when we might expect such an update would be of little use? Thanks for making a great plane even better! You guys rock. Farley
  3. Thanks! Understand I'm not trying to attack what is a job very well done by aerosoft. This is one of my favorite aircraft. This is just something I noticed. I may be something I'm doing wrong. I think it deserves investigation, though. Either way, your mistake or mine, I just want to get to the bottom of this.
  4. The airport rotating beacon in FSX MUST be improved on. Also, I don't know if this is the right place... but one of the things that bothers me more than almost anything else about FSX is that there is far too much light at night. It should be difficult, I think, to land in the dark at an unlighted grass strip in alaska with no landing lights, but in fsx, it is not. Over the ocean at night, especially under an overcast, the horizon should not be visible. At all.
  5. First off, I love this plane. It is by far one of the most realistic wwii planes out there, and it certainly has the best autopilot. There is one problem, however. One cannot make a turn with the autopilot without it skidding out of control, as the directional dial controls the rudder only. My research - reading the pby-5/5a Erection and Maintenance manual found at - indicates that this is not only annoying but inaccurate. I may be wrong, but this is where the notion came from: I also refer you to this page, which concerns adjustment of the proportional bank adapter Is there a simple way to fix this? thanks! Farley
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