We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Yes, you pointed this out on another thread and it was acknowledged by AS.
  2. The HUD is not adjustable like a rear-view mirror. Your seat position is. The HUD as to be in the correct position to receive the projection and to function correctly it must be collimated. It has a laser alignment system to make sure it is in the correct position. If you read here, what you will not see is how to adjust the combiner position to make the pilot happy. Microsoft Word - 9701-1153RevA.doc (smartcockpit.com) It has two positions, stowed and normal detent.
  3. According to my buddy who flew the CRJ for Envoy: The CRJ is not AUTHORIZED to fly RNP approaches with CURVED segments like the one above. This was explained to me to be due to the fixed bank angle used by the autopilot. With a fixed bank angle the aircraft cannot compensate for wind changes during an approach like above and may not be able to maintain the RNP requirements for nav accuracy, listed on the chart and in most cases (all cases I have seen) needs be 0.3. I think there was/is an available upgrade but that most operators have not adopted it due to cost. Again, not my personal information and I don't know if the info is operator specific or plane specific. Now, what I have seen with the new Navigraph update, using both the data download for the CRJ and for MSFS itself. 1. I no longer see weird double segments on the ND display when selecting certain RNAV approaches. By no longer I mean that I have flown 4 flights so far with the new AIRAC and have not seen it. It was normal for me to see it about 40% of the time. So I am encouraged. 2. DIR TO seems to work better. Again, not many flights, but hey it's a start.
  4. Options that can be considered and require no AS action. 1. Pop the display out as previously suggested. 2. Lower the HUD and read the ALT from their. 3. Use TrakIR so you can move your head in and out as in real life to better read that area of the gauge. 4. Move your virtual seat forward. If you can't read the altitude it could be you are "sitting" too far from the panel. A common error when someone thinks they should be able to see the entire panel with out moving their head. As can be seen in the attached photo, the altitude can be read with no issue. This is my default view. This is on a 43 inch TV. I forgot to add that some people are using a monitor that is probably too small for what they want to accomplish. If so, get a bigger monitor or TV
  5. Yep, could be something do with the content I am replying to. The whole point here, for the give me a report now crowd, is that AS did exactly that. The acknowledged the report of an issue. They said they had been unable to replicate it, so far. They said they would say more when they had more. Most folks with a bit of reading comprehension, would come and check the forum for an updated report. Seeing none, they would go do something else, warm in the knowledge that since there was no further report there was no further information to report on. Instead, many decide that is the moment to make some kind of "I am a paying customer" demand. Notice in my McDonalds comparison, I did not allude to complaining about the burger you just bought and will consume, but to demanding a non-existent right to be in the know about development steps not ready for public consumption (no pun intended).
  6. Apparently not. You continue to make posts that are easy to dismiss, judge and be condescending of. Never did I say anything about not enjoying my fake airplane, it is just that I am able to discern that it is fake and don't need news from anyone to give my life meaning.
  7. No they are not working on it at all. The entire AS crew is off on holiday since February 15th, rumored to be in Ibiza. Talk is swirling about beer binging leading to them trying to code the rise of the machines a la Terminator. Tell us paying customer, what else do you pay for in which you are not only feel entitled to, but receive daily/weekly or monthly work reports? None of my paying clients do. For example, when you buy a burger at McDonalds are you entitled to know if they are having a meeting to create a new way to cut the pickles? No my son is too busy working and raising a family and serving his country to be worried about issues with his fake airplane.
  8. Fine by me. He said he would announce something when they have it. I don't think that Mathjis or anyone else is going to put out a "hey we still don't know what is going on" post. So, there is no logical reason to continually ask for an update that was promised when it is known.
  9. Looking at the plate this is a published hold not a mandatory hold. ATC would give you instructions like "Direct ERNOV, hold as published...." Then you would execute the hold as published. So, there would be no need to include this hold in the flight plan. Of course, it is Europe so there may be some regulation I am unaware of. This is not a hold in lieu of procedure turn like you would find on an approach procedure like an ILS. Was this flight loaded via a Simbrief flight plan? If so, please attach it here so we can attempt to replicate.
  10. I forgot to mention I am using Navigraph too, both for the sim and the CRJ. I think my son is too but will check
  11. Well, don't go down a rabbit hole based on my and my son's experience. Like I said, I gave up trying to understand computers a long time ago. I have no clue why some never see this issue, some see it all the time and some see it intermittently. It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
  12. Well, I am not hearing any audio on this video, so I can't hazard a guess. I can tell you I have never seen this and have over 300 hours in the CRJ since its release. I seem to remember that there is an add on that causes performance degradation over time. I think it was the pushback tool with the pre planning option. I am not sure but worth a look. It also caused a similar issue with the FBW. I don't use it and never have (I use FS2CREW).
  13. Never had VR and my son never has either. I have trackir now. The only differences are controllers. He has my old Thrust Master T16000 throttle and joystick and I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. Both of us have MFG Crosswind pedals. He has the stock keyboard and mouse and I have a logitech wirless keyboard and mouse. The only other difference would be he tends to buy from the msfs store and I avoid it like the plague (don't think this is the issue though), I had my MSFS install in a custom directory until the last beta. When I came off the beta the sim did a full re-install and I did not notice and my community folder changed to the default. I now run my community folder with symbolic links from where I install things to my old community folder, then I link that community folder symbolically to the default install directory after deleting the "real" community folder. I did that so I did not have to make several changes to the folder structure I use to install add ons.
  14. If it is as simple as a process of deduction, why am I and many others NOT seeing this issue. What does the process of deduction men there? The fact that other aircraft and the Twin Otter work to whatever extent does not matter when it comes to chasing down any issue in the CRJ. Something working is not an indication that something else is broken.
  15. I gave up trying to figure out PC's a long time ago, just like women. I have the same gaming rig as my son. Exact same. Ordered from the same place on the same date and delivered the same day. We fired them up at the same time. We are both running the same updates. He get's CTD's with MSFS and I have had one that was traced to a bad livery. We have mainly the same mods. I have a few more payware airports because, well I can afford them better than he at this time. Other than that who the hell knows. Maybe his memory sticks are not as solid as mine but they tested out the same. It is nuts. Also, he has reported to me that he sees the LNAV issue. I have never seen it on his system so if he does have it is intermittent. Funny thing is that his rig runs other games like shooters about the same as mine. I believe that it is the quantum uncertainty principle leaking into our macro world.
  16. Guys here is what AS has already said, numerous times and this could be why you are not hearing anything else, there is nothing else. 1. They have not been able to replicate the issue. 2. Not everyone is seeing this. Yes, many are, however, not everyone and it seems like not a majority. I just finished a flight in heavy cruise winds without seeing it. For the record I have never seen it. 3. If they cannot replicate it, it makes it hard to "fix", but they have, by their own words not given up the search. 4. Make sure before you get bent out of shape that I never said you are not having an issue, but in the same way remember that others are not having an issue. Computers and code are a weird combination. This whole issue could come down to: 1. an error in code that only manifests itself on certain local system combinations 2. an error in local systems that many folks have without knowing they have it 3. some common third-party mod that causes this What we know it is not is a general the code is messed up issue, otherwise EVERYONE would be reporting it ALL the time. My understanding is that even when it is seen, most people report NOT having the issue every time. Issues like this are difficult and they are like catching Bigfoot. First you have to find Bigfoot before you can engineer a trap to catch him. *This post in no way reflects the views of AS or any of its employees. If you take offense to anything in this post, that is your fault, and you should re-examine your ability to function in the real world. If you downvote this post anonymously, remember that anonymous downvotes are for sissies. If you don't like my Bigfoot analogy, then save up some money and buy a sense of humor. Finally, just because you are pissed off at the world, do not assume anyone or everyone else is. *
  17. Yep, that's what I do. Guess "shut it off" was not the proper terminology. I also use it exclusively with F7 activated too.
  18. Loving TrackIR with the CRJ. However, I do shut it off in cruise so I am not seeing constant movement while I am working or watching The Office.
  19. @Mathijs Kok Will the buses have a working lavatory? I am sure that AS understand how important this is to total simulation immersion and would not leave it out. Of course, the ability to dump blue water would also be a must have. While on the subject of immersion, what are Aerosoft's plans with regards to the small but robust sim community the flies only using the Klingon language? Will the FMS and manuals be offered in Klingon?
  20. OMG, why the heck would anyone downvote the OP on this thread? That is a prime example of why votes should be public like on other social platforms.
  21. Volume 1 of the Aircraft Operation Manual Page 16 of 51 shows where the TCAS button is located in section 7 . I believe it is selected on by default because I never push it. But a place to check To go from standby to active Page 19 of 51 section labeled 4. You must select either 1 or 2 on the knob labeled ATC SEL. In the middle of course is STBY To sum up 1. Enter you assigned or desired squawk code in the RTU 2. Select either 1 or 2 on the ATC SEL I would suggest you do the tutorial flights and at least peruse the manuals. This and many other things are covered in great detail.
  22. This has been discussed by AS and so that means it is being looked at. Here is the problem. This does not appear to be a universal issue. Yes, many have reported it, and many have also reported not seeing it, and I would suspect that many who have not seen it just don't say anything. The last message I saw from AS was that it had not been replicated. If it can't be replicated it can't be fixed. Now, I am not saying that you don't see this and by the same token I want you to believe me when I say I have never seen it. Flying E/W, N/S or any combination of in between, real weather, clear skies etc; I just don't see it. Why are many seeing it and many not? I haven't got the slightest idea. Frankly, I wish that everyone had it or not. That would be easy.
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