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  1. ...but no I haven't noticed that behavior. I will check next time about that same time of day. Does it happen with the default livery?
  2. Ah hell! That crap happens right before the psycho, zombie or monster shows up. Deploy the slides!! Abort the taxi! Call the exorcist!
  3. Well, my only guess is that something else is missing. The only other thing I can think of is when I import a flightplan from Sim Brief and then enter all the data on the departure and arrival pages, I check the Legs page all the way through. There is always a discontinuity at the STAR transition to clear. If I do not clear all DISCOs then I do not see a TOD/Snowflake. Other than forgetting that, I have never seen them missing with over 125+ hours in the cockpit.
  4. Yes Mathijs, but WHAT list? How many lists do you and AS have? Are there any lists of the lists? Are you lists alphabetized or date ordered. If alphabetized, by which letter first or last? Are any of your lists provided to any government agency? Do you have a list app or a list of apps? When you said "The issue is on our list" does that mean that only that issue is on the list or the issue was added to one or more lists. Does any of this have anything to do with the Hall and Oates hit from the 80s Your Kiss is On My List? Is a bucket list an actual list of different types of buckets? If you create a journal of boats leaning to one side or another would that be a list of lists?
  5. How would the FMC be able to calculate TOD without a selected arrival runway? If you are landing on a south runway and flying north to get there, your TOD will be closer to the airport than if you were on the same flight path and landing north. This is because you have to fly a greater distance to hit a way point that is north of the airport. Also, if you are flying the CRJ with the realistic ADVISORY vnav enabled, then any TOD is just a suggestion. It is up to you to calculate and fly the descent to get where you are going at the altitude you want/need to be at. I use the fix function on the FMC to set 3 range rings around my arrival airport. The first is set at a distance equal to 3x my cruise altitude. The second is set to 30 miles and the last is set to 5 miles. Unless instructed otherwise by ATC or limited by charts, I begin a descent to 10000 at the first ring. Normally this will be a +/-1800 fpm descent to hit the 30nm ring at 10,000 feet. The 5 mile ring is where I want to be in final approach configuration. Think of it this way. If I live in Texas and you live in Nebraska and I want you to come visit but I don't tell you what city I live in. You want to know how long the trip will be. It may only be 4-5 hours to the border of Texas but if I live in Brownsville that is at least another 8 hours. So you leave Nebraska without knowing how long the trip is because you don't know your actual final destination. So when programming the FMC you should ALWAYS put in an arrival runway and procedure while at the DEPARTURE gate. This is the way it is done in real life. Yes, weather/wind can change during a flight and therefore arrival runways and even STARS can be altered. That is why you can change them in the FMC. If the computer knows what the expected entire route is, it can compute the things you want as a pilot.
  6. Well, the best I can figure out is that giving people the ability to vote on any forum is the www equivalent of making a 2nd grader the hall monitor at the high school. That coupled with people's clear inability to deal with facts. I am no longer surprised.
  7. A few caveats. 1. Please SEARCH about the "bug" that is about to be reported to make sure it is (a) really a bug and not something that is being done wrong (this happens FAR too often) (b) see if the bug has been reported and if there is a solution already in place. 2. Even if you are not the only ONE you may be the only FEW and that might mean that there is a common system/user issue and not a bug. 3. Anyone's bug can be put on the "back burner" for any number of reasons such as there are more important bugs to fix. One good example would be "BUG REPORT-when I open the door half way instead of all the way and it is 23 minutes before sunrise or 17 minutes after sunset, there are two pixel artifacts that should have been caught by the developers. FIX THIS NOW". This is probably an at best "back burner" issue. 4. Remember, the folks at AS and the developers get and like everyone deserve time off. Don't expect or worse demand attention on Sunday. Watch football or go outside and play and wait for Monday. I have flown in excess of 150 hours in this version of the CRJ. I have had ZERO issues that I have not been able to fix myself (except for the ASOBO induced update crap). Not that I don't have issues, I just care less about them than I do flying and having fun. Also, if something is posted that is deserving of a facetious or sarcastic comment, don't be surprised when you get one.
  8. Well I guess some folks like driving nails with rocks.
  9. Actually it is even easier to use Addonslinker and hit a button to remove the stuff from community, then hit another button to put them all back in, although I only add back in what I need/want for a particular flight and therefore gradually add everything back in.
  10. For all of those who are having "new" CTD issues. Are you using the Aerosoft liveries? Have you cleared everything from your Community folder except the CRJ? Whenever there is an update at a minimum you need to clear rolling cache you are using it and move EVERYTHING out of the community folder. You can then add things in as you need them in order to make sure things work. You would be surprised how many times a CTD when you are flying a certain aircraft has NOTHING to do with the aircraft and everything to do with a livery, scenery or addon in community.
  11. If the GPU button is pushed in, it will show as AVAIL while the APU is running. This is because of the hierarchy of the system. 1. Engine generators, 2. APU, 3. GPU. If ground power is connected AND the light show AVAIL AND is pushed in, the system will automatically cut to it when the APU is powered off. To reiterate, as long as the APU is running, the Ground power will show as AVAIL even if pushed in until the APU is shut down. 1. Taxi to gate 2. Set chocks 3. Connect Ground Power AND Push the Button 4. Turn off APU 5. Ground Power takes over automatically. As mentioned above, once you push the ground power button at the beginning of a days flight, just don't touch it again until you have to secure the cockpit. No reason to "turn it off".
  12. Because people make statements like "the CRJ is not capable fly RNAV approaches". People don't read FAQs. People don't read manuals. People don't do simple Google searches. People then ask questions that tee up a facetious or sarcastic response. If that offends you, I don't care because only YOU can TAKE offense to something. Also I would suggest you learn the difference between facetious and sarcasm. If you take offense to anything here or in real life, I would suggest you discover why. Normally people get all bent out of shape as a response to the truth that they can't handle like an adult.
  13. Ah VR. Yes that would make a difference.
  14. Ok, yes and some folks would stop there, but look at the picture. Full right at the time is 35. Set it at 35 or keep experimenting.
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