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  1. They also all have manuals, tutorials and forums with search capabilities too.
  2. Guys, I have said this before. It's to keep one's own sanity in check: 1. "It hasn't happened with any other aircraft/airport/XXX" is NOT a good place to start looking for a cause of a problem. 2. You have to, very quickly, put the plane you are flying out of your mind with a CTD. Most, probably 90%+, CTDs occur WHILE flying an airplane, NOT BECAUSE you are flying it. It is easy to blame the plane but easy doesn't identify a true culprit. 3. Other addons, pushback helpers, liveries and sceneries are responsible for the vast majority of CTDs because they don't follow the SDK. Sceneries and liveries for example will crash the sim even if you are not near them or using them, if they are not SDK compliant. Remember, the free stuff on flightsim.to is 90% amazing, but 10% will bite your butt and you have no recourse other than not using them. I use FS2CREW Pushback express and never have had a problem.
  3. That can only be done on the ground I believe.
  4. I am fine with them adding it. My point is that it does not take away from my current enjoyment and I won't be checking to see if there is "any word on an update", not quoting you, just quoting in general. The way I control works fine. I don't deflect the rudder when taxiing at all, only use the rudder for brakes. I don't touch the rudder until 80 knots when it becomes effective and I let go of my tiller. If done this way, the "unrealistic" behavior is not only not noticed but not seen. Same when I land, rudder steering until non-effective, hand on the tiller. Again, I would have to be outside to notice the defect. Also, we have to remember that AS had no choice at the release date and only recently have the option to do it right. Many are waiting on an update all the while piling new things they want to go into it and if worked on delays the update further and causes further complaints about no update. It is a vicious circle.
  5. Yep, but I don't care. When I am using the tiller, I just use the tiller and only use the pedals for brakes. I am not looking outside so whatever else is going on does not register as an issue for me. I sim like a pilot, from the cockpit. I only look outside when at the gate or in the air to get a screen shot if there is something that warrants it.
  6. That is not the way the displays expand in flight sim. I don't do it often and not at the sim but I believe it is R-Ctl then click the display for it to pop out.
  7. Man, there are a lot of folks here who need to go into the addon development business or at a minimum software development. It is amazing how many know so much about the correct processes. Truth be told, following many of these boards, the developers are damned if they do, damned if they don't know matter what they choose to do. Small incremental increases mean they are completely incompetent, slower larger releases mean they don't care.
  8. Pixels = resources zero sum game. If you add on one side you have to subtract from the other. Now how many or how many fractions of a frame are taken away? Mainly system dependent. I can tell you that on my medium budget build, I have run everything so far with zero issues (outside of the fly a long time stutters that I only ran into today because I sat at a gate in turn around for 3 hours). This includes the Maddogx which can be tough on systems.
  9. That tells me that somehow the WASM compilation got fubar. Next time, I would try to reset it per the FAQ on this forum, just to save the uninstall/install time.
  10. Well, I have nothing then. I am not seeing it and have not seen other reports. Issue must be local. I would look in the FAQ on this forum for how to reset the aircraft, do that and let it recompile on next load.
  11. If this were a real plane, I agree. However, not an essential part in the sim. A nice part, fun to have part, but definitely not essential.
  12. It's all part of the conspiracy, deep state cabal stuff. Or it could be as simple as they don't want to. Or it could be that they want to, but it just makes more sense to do it with a larger update.
  13. I would recommend you look into Addon Linker from flightsim.to It is free and gives you some great benefits provide you don't buy ANYTHING from the sim store unless that is your only option. 1. Using it you can organize your "community folder". You chose another folder, mine is called MSFS Addons. Under that I have Aircraft, Cities, Liveries, Airports (and under this one I have folders for countries and states) and Utilities. I put all my stuff there. Addon Linker then allows me to create a symbolic link from what I want active in the sim to the sim's community folder. My community folder is all symbolic links. 2. When updates come, I press one checkbox and it removes all the symbolic links. 3. After an update, I then start the sim and make sure it fires up. 4. I then do a flight with only the aircraft I want and the two airports I want. I then add airports/liveries back in as I use them, so if there is an issue I have a good ide of where the culprit lies. 5. I typically only have about half to three fourths of my addons back in the sim when the next update comes out. I rinse and repeat. That is how you maintain sim sanity.
  14. You won't want to hear this, however, this does not appear to be happening to a majority of people. No one I fly with has had any issues with SU9 and the CRJ. Now, this is not a bad thing for you. It means that things are fundamentally ok. I would start with a clean community folder. Then add the CRJ back in with zero liveries, zero other addons like scenery. See if the situation is different. If so, you will need to do detective work to see which addon you have is incompatible with SU9.
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