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  1. Great answers, thank you, Gentlemen. It confirms my impression that Aerosoft's inactivities regarding NavDataPro have not changed. It seems that you don't care for your customers at all. Obviously NDP is a very profitable franchise. Well then. good luck. It's the best way to get rid of your last few customers...
  2. I'm not really sure that I understand what you want to tell me with that. The product is marketed and since its first appearance the next AIRAC Cycle became valid. During this "gigantic" open ALPHA (not beta) nothing was ever mentioned about future Navdata Updates, although Navdata are essential for a modern Flight Simulator. But obviously this is regarded as a lowest level of interest item. So be it then. Your competitor will take advantage of this, be sure. Wait and see is never a good business plan. Be prepared is definitely better by miles... Regards Oskar
  3. Well, NavBue is by far not as complete as Jepco or LIDO, not to mention that it took me exactly one week to find wrong data... The costs for writing a parser to produce the necessary BGLs is not really extremely high, provided the advantage that you would at least draw equal to your competitor. And believe me, I do have some inside knowledge about ARINC data, as my last work after my flying career until my "official" retirement was with LIDO in Glattbrugg, Switzerland... So far we do not even know when and how MS/Asobo are providing regular AIRAC Cycles. My inquiries during "Alphatesting" were - of course - all ignored. I simply do not believe that NavBlue/MS/Asobo do provide reliable, free and regular on time AIRAC Cycles for unlimited time. At some not too far out point they will have to prove it. I simply do not believe anymore in Fairy Tales... Regards Oskar
  4. ... a better market share for NDP !! Why wait and not be prepared ? There are no extra costs for current subscribers, abd be sure the majority is, but of course not to NDP... and my bet is (correct me, once some AddOns are marketed), that a few Developers will NOT rely on NavBlue's data and go for a major provider, such as LIDO or Jeppesen, because they want their customers to have access to actual data in the official AIRAC Cycle, and not to some wishi-washi explanations by MS/Asobo/NavBlue. Regards Oskar
  5. When is NavDataPro starting their support for the MFS Navdatabase? And please don't tell me that this is not necessary due to several non-pertinent statements/promises by MS/Asobo about regular updates. We all know that the main competitor in this field is starting its regular update service soon. WHERE IS NAVDATAPRO ?? Again missing an important market share? Regards Oskar
  6. Well, for whatever reason I delete the Liveries should not be of your concern. If there is this option, I expect it to work faultlessly. Or are you trying to tell me that whenever I use an option in an official tool, I do it ony my own resposability and should try first, what the outcome will be, before I use it? Definitely a funny point of view, isn't it? If an option is available, it must work faultlessly ! If it deletes files that it shouldn't then you are trying to tell me that this is my own fault. Simply wrong! the correct answer would have been: "We are looking into the issue and will see if there are files deleted, which are necessary for a faultless operation." This would sound more like a responsible answer than simply trying to get rid of an user reporting a bug. Regards Oskar
  7. I encountered a strange issue when deleting liveries. I normally delete all liveries that I do not use and for that purpose the new Livery Manager comes in handy. Ater having deleted all but two liveries, the A330 would not start anymore, even more so loading the A330 resulted in a CTD if P3DV5. I tried to analyze the situation and therefore made a brand new install of P3DV5 HF1 on my Office Computer, to make sure no "gremlins" had crawled up my system during the previous work. After installing The A330 and deleting all unnecessary liveries the situation was unchanged. Loading the A330 ended in a CTD again. Loading a default A/C and then loading the A330 did not change anything. Finally I decided to redo the whole thing again and then use the A330 in its "native" install with all its liveries in place. And - whoaa - it loaded normally ! So the conclusion is that when using the Livery Manager this could have an unhealthy impact on the A330. I haven't done any more analyzing work as I do not have neither the patience nor the motivation to undergo again all those steps. IMHO the Liverys Manager does something "unhealthy" to the aircraft.cfg. Maybe someone else has made a similar experience? Oskar
  8. +1 I ask myself how many updates are required until you get this right. The grass RWY was closed already when your first version of LSGG was issued. A quick look to AIP Switzerland (yes, indeed, it DOES exist ) will prove that.
  9. My dear Refsmmat69 Let me put one thing straight: nobody is bashing Aerosoft being the worst company on earth. Talking about a product having 1000 features, I would like to tell you a short story. Imagine an Aircraft Designer presenting a wonderfully designed new aircraft, including all the trimmings and goodies every pilot and passenger would dream of. The only disadvantage would be that when it came to design the wings, the designer was lacking resources. He therefore decided to abstain from attaching wings to this wonderful aircraft, thinking that the absence of one single feature would not weight in too much against all the other available gimmicks and goodies. Now try to imagine in what numbers this fantastic aircraft would be sold ! And that's exactly what this thread is all about ! SimBrief has become one of the most used and most universal flight planning tools within a short time. Lacking support for such a tool has nothing to do with what you described with "every requester sees his request of course as the most important one". It is simply a fact that SimBrief as (I said it already) one of the most used flight planning tools is lacking support by NavDataPro. It does not need any reference to something " coming out from the children room upstairs" to understand that this lack of support reduces the low market share of NavDataPro even more. Ok, maybe in your world a market share for a product is the least important thing, but I doubt that this is the way a commercial company would and should think.
  10. If you take this out of the context it indeed may look like kind of a "honest answer". However if you consider the fact that this discussion is going on for more than two years and you still complain about limited resources, then it is definitely a bit doubtful - to say the least. TWO YEARS, not only a few days, but TWO YEARS ! If that does not ring a bell then I must admit that I'm obvioulsy missing a few things within the world of Flight Simulation... There's of course not much more that we as stupid members of the Simmer Community can do than to remind you every day of this important gap to be closed and pray for the day to come where Aerosoft can provide enough resouces to finally fulfill this task...
  11. Sorry, Mathijs, but this is not an acceptable answer. The subject ist not just arisig by now, it is now up for much more than one year, actually for two years already. If you have such "limited resources" that do not allow a solution for something that can be solved within one month, then I must ask myself whether you are in the position to really judge the importance of this whole matter. I'm afraid that you are not! We are talking about one of the most important support requests that has come up in the past months - not just a "spleeny idea" from a few Simmers. It would really be adviseable if you could convince your superiors to give this the importance it deserves !
  12. I am a NavDataPro subscriber from the first moment of its appearance on the market. However I noticed in several cases that NDP is extremely passive in expanding into new fields. I have furthermore never seen the resposible Project Manager to show up in this thread, although he was reminded of missing SimBrief Support more than a yea ago by me personally. I'm not sure what else needs to be done to wake up Aerosoft from its lethargy in that and other respects. The present situation could be a great oppoertunity to increase the rather low market share of NavDataPro in the Navigation Data business, it would however need some real efforts by the responsible people. From what I have learned in the past, I'm not sure what the real culprit is. Maybe people with closer relationship to Aerosoft and its Leaders could increase the intensity of direct wake-up calls ?
  13. Isn't that a somewhat simple answer for quite some time? Your Project Manager has been informed about the requirements long time ago even by me personally), but nothing has happened ever since. As SimBrief has become a widely accepted Planning Utility for the community, it cannot be that Aerosoft's NavDataPro is deliberately kept away from using it within SimBrief. I understand that this is a protective measure for Aerosoft's PFPX, but we are living in a world of diversification, aren't we?
  14. ... and maybe also simMarket? With the latest download from there I still get an error regarding a few SAM objects....
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