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  1. Well of course we couldnt expect the entire world to be at this detail out of the box neccesarily, but the ability to do it would be the real catch. However, I need to make an amendment to my original points in that ARMA II itself is not what different militaries use, but is the 'commercial' version of Bohemia Interactive's Virtual Battlespace 2, which IS used by the USMC, USA, Australia, etc. Also it should be noted that ARMA II supposedly was really buggy at realease but I want to point out that the purpose of my post was that if the engine is developed right, then high detail (like ORBX or better) can be implemented into a FS without it killing performance on a modern machine.
  2. I have discovered something I was totally unaware of- I would like to point out a tactical war simulator that I only learned about nearly 2 weeks ago. As I am sometimes interested in military simulation in addition to flying my full scale Lear Jet 45 sim, I downloaded the demo for ARMA 2 after seeing some of the below videos online. I can no longer accept the long time excuse that a flight simulator has too many calculations to make to keep the flight aspect smooth while having incredible detail on the ground. PLEASE, just look at the videos and see for yourself. This proves that massive detail can be placed into a simulation environment and retain high FPS as well as smooth action all around. My system Im running the demo on is an AMD 6400 (3.2 dual core) w/ 9800 GTX 512MB and 4 gigs of RAM on Windows XP Home and when trying the helo flight myself I have great performance (as well as the other tasks in this sotware too). I should point out that the grass looks like grass, pavement looks like pavement, and trees look like trees. The detail is MASSIVE. Also, the map for this simulator is 250 Sqaure Kilometers, so it's not just some simple little map like what is found on console first person shooters. This title has actually been used by militaries for tactical demonstration. (Especially between 1:05-1:35) Notice the author's face in the character in the TrackIR demo-Also, you can see that the ground detail blows away anything ever concieved for FS while the pilot is flying the helo- all with incredible frame rate. Here you see an A-10 mission with tons of low level flight There are countless other ARMA 2 videos online that will demonstrate what Im raving about, but in short my point here is that, 1) It is possible to have all the detail we've ever wanted and still have good performance on the newer machines (like i7). This detail is all present even when you have dozens of AI soldiers, equipment, aircraft, and even animals (rabbit, dear, insects) moving about the map at all times. The sounds are incredible too. 2) This company (Bohemia Interactive) has created an incredible simulation that I had never heard of until by mistake one day 2 weeks ago. Maybe Aerosoft can investigate their gaming engine???
  3. Speaking of lighting, I would like to see the lighting from the sun/moon more accurately portraid. Case in point, the 'God Rays' that pour thru cloud from above when viewed below. Also, for lighting to be darker under an overcast layer than when on top. This is a very crude description, but sort of like an infinately variable mask that works similar to the system that's employed to change textures from daytime to dark via dusk- As the aircraft decends thru cloud and pops out on bottom, the atmosphere is darker based on cloud coverage (2/8, 4/8, etc.) and the more overcast, the darker. As the aircraft moves from one weather region to another the texture mask adjusts based on the reported cloud covereage noted in the weather engine of the sim. The same for when the calandar in the sim dictates a full moon- make the ground a slightly brighter texture than on a non moon night. Make moon reflection on objects as well as light from other sources. When approaching the terminal and the terminal lights are on, they reflect off of the water left by rain. Last, but certainly very important to me, is as many others have requested to have LIGHT be true light in the sim so that it actually illuminates an object (or appears to). One very annoying thing from FS is when an aircraft is parked next to a building and when you go to spot view, you see the taxi/landing lights shining thru the base of the building onto the other side.
  4. I know that's a lot to 'quote' from, but YES, I agree pretty much with all of this. I dont care about XPlane at all, but considering the limitations,etc. FS9 (and slowly FSX) is a great place to start when building a home cockpit. The problem is that it's really the only place to start unless you run the Aerowinx 747, and I believe that only a very few do that. It's well known that the current way to run a home cockpit (I myself have a full scale Learjet 45- fully enclosed) is to have the simulator software running on one machine (Server) and then 1 or more clients running the networked avionics software. It's that simple. However, if Aerosoft has a way to offload CPU intensive extras such as AI, etc. onto a 2nd machine then by all means go for it. However, seeing as 4 cores are coming more and more popular Im not sure this is really required. However, getting back to the basic structure of what sets apart a home sim from a desktop is basically the mandate to run multiple machines to seperate our avionics from the view/world diplay. Definately make the FOV and everything associated with the views as flexible as possible and easy to 'stick' so that once perfected they wont require contstant resetting. Also, please make sure that the sim has an application that easily transmit whatever data we need across the network with minimal lag and performance hit so that gauge/avionic packages run as fluid and in real time as possible on their clients. I dont see why we would need to run a full version of the sim on each client- only a client app (like Wideclient) would be required and then just as important please document all of this so that 3rd party developers can easily get their avionics packages compatible with your new sim ASAP. <side note: I have recently began playing Call of Duty 4 MW both online and in campaign mode as a stress reliever while rebuilding my sim. I am amazed and the fluid graphics I get in this SUPER Duper detailed environment. I know folks have argues, 'Well, it's a limited map and not as big as FS and, blah blah'... Please use a modern graphics engine that can do the graphics justice with performance first and foremost. I fail to understand how a flight sim with all of the horsepower we have nowadays with the huge monster graphics cards and quad core CPUS cannot run smoothly if it's designed that way from the begging. END side note> As a must, I'd like to see a core sim that generates the scenery, flight dynamics, handles real world weather, basic ATC interface (even if it doesnt have ATC but can accept addons like Radar Contact or VATSIM), and a very open architecture for the 3rd party devs. If FS wasnt open, there would be no home flight decks. All in all, Im very thankful you have considered the development of this package- Im looking forward to seeing what it becomes!
  5. Please consider the Learjet 40 or 45. Check out We have a real need for a quality business jet for the new sim as well as an aircraft that has such a great legacy! thanks, Eric T. Full size LJ45 cockpit builder.
  6. Agreed- Especially as a full size home cockpit builder; please dont remove the ability to have just an open front view like pressing Shift+1 does in MSFS. This is imperative to use full size builders. thanks!
  7. This is very exciting. I have been dreaming of one of these for a long time now, but of course with much higher resolution. This (especially 3) would be a sim builder's dream come true. And as already pointed out, I bet in 2 years these things will be very affordable compared to this listed price.
  8. Hello all I have read each and every post in all the threads relating to this topic and while I am most impressed and excited to consider a new FS from such a great copany as Aerosoft, some items have been rarely, if ever, mentioned that I'd like to present on behalf of the ever-growing full size cockpit builders. As a full size LJ45 builder, items that I would like to see in this potential product would be: *An excellent and open core simulator that places performance and ease of 3rd party development at the fore-front. Of course, include bells and whistles similar to the current FS offerings but leave room for yourself and other 3rd parties to create valuable add on software, etc. *An ultra reliable and extensive Offset & networking capability that allows the use of multiple USB driven hardware input/output devices as well as an internal version of client software that would replace FSUIPC/WideClient. *A credible airfile system that allows better physics modeling. *The ability to offer more view options that cater to not only TripleHead2Go, but PLEASE make a way for the forward view to be adjusted for correctly centered FOV for home cockpit builders. As it stands now, you can tweak FS9/X but it still gives the feeling that the copilot is moving sideways vs. down the right side of the centerline. All of the other ideas are good, but these 4 items are paramount to good full size sim software, and the group of builders are growing monthly. Here is a chance to shine for them too. PS- Consider the offering of a commercial license so the builders can legally charge money for folks that fly thier sim at airshow, kiosks, etc. I have seen this happen often with near-professional level FS9/FSX sims, but since MS doesnt offer the license the companies around the world doing this will continue to do it, even though it's a violation of the EULA. Make it legal and make more $$$ on your excellent product in the long run.
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