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  1. Hey team, thanks for many updates. CFD is getting better and better, but I noticed, that you can't type a VOR designator into VOR1/2 but you have to type in the frequency. If you try it e.g. with KAS VOR you will get two options. You can chose one but after selecting, VOR is still empty. Regards
  2. Hannover is definitely needed! One ofthe bigger airports in north Germany.
  3. Hey guys, I got first impressions of your new busses. Texture quality just very nice. The cockpit looks realistic and I get a home feeling when I sit down on CPTs seat. The coffee is good and would like to drink it I had some trouble with the AP following a "direct to" in the NAV mode after HDG mode. Furthermore I got a altitude warning when I was climbing beyond the chosen FL (manual flight). But it didn't stop. I think these things get fixed in future updates. Last but not least I can not wait for the shared Cockpit and I hope we'll get it very soon. Thanks for your hard work! Regards Pascal
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