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  1. Ahhhh, that's how you do it. Thanks for that!
  2. ...or can you not push the synchronize button in the middle anymore on things like HDG, or BARO, or SPEED? I see the counter and clockwise arrows appear, but can't actually push the buttons no matter how much I move my cameras around.
  3. Hey all, Just wondering if the HUD inaccuracies were addressed in the last update? See the image below. The FD is right on the money, but the FD on the HUD is showing the marker outside the circle (as if it's not on profile).
  4. Hmm...I'll see if I can video for next time.
  5. Has anyone reported LNAV issues in the CRJ550 yet? And by LNAV issue, I mean it basically does S-turns to maintain the LNAV profile. It's particularly noticeable when going to another way point, but I find that it never "settles in". I don't think I've had this issue with the CRJ700 variant yet.
  6. It’s the right frequency because it’s auto tuned. And the course shouldn’t matter as it doesn’t dictate what the FD does. The FD is controlled by the computers to tell you vertical and horizontal guidance. The course is more of a point of reference.
  7. I was on final into RWY 14R at Omaha following the Flight Director until I realized that it wasn't matching up with the ILS...like at all, as indicated by the photo below. 1. The screens are small, and the color of the GS is very hard to see when the screen is that small and the color of the GS is that bright to where it doesn't contrast enough. 2. Knowing the above, I was scanning between outside and at the flight director (which should be following the ILS laterally and vertically since it's active and APPR mode is armed), until I realized that the flight director was completely off as I started getting lower altitude call outs (300ft is when I noticed it) and given the distance I was from the threshold. The red circle shows where the glideslope is on the PFD, and you can see the horizontal bar on the FD indicating where I should be pitching is...below the horizon, which is clearly not correct.
  8. ...so inaccurate I'm guessing?
  9. I've had this happen to me on my latest two flights. The thing that caught my attention in both instances was the position of the STAB Trim on the status page - it was at like 15.0 which is well outside of the green parameter. I've read on here earlier that it's potentially due to icing. So if you find yourself in this similar situation again, look and see what your STAB trim is showing, and if it's high (11+), try enabling the Wing Anti Ice and the Cowl Anti-Ice. I only learned of that potentially being a cause/solution after the second time it happened, so I'll do the same should I find myself in the same situation again.
  10. In the first image below, the flight director cue always is only half visible. And this was climbing out. Shouldn't the cue's be in the middle of the HUD? In this photo, it's still at the bottom of the HUD. And, the flight director cue and target should be inside each other, but despite being in level flight, it's not. Is all of this accurate behavior?
  11. Hmm, yeah, okay. I have no answer. haha just avoid KMRY until the next update I guess!
  12. Update - this may be isolated to Monterey Airport (KMRY). Just attempted to load in again for maybe the 5th time, and same result as the video above. Tried Spokane (KGEG) and another random field and it loaded in fine.
  13. Hey all, I'm getting this all of a sudden, and I can't figure out why. Whenever I try to load the CRJ (either) into an airport, the slideshow begins to where it's like 1 frame per second. Extremely different, but now I can't get the CRJ to load without this happening. When the simulator finally loads inside the flight deck, it's extreme freezing. It sometimes takes me a bit to try to escape. I've done quite a few uninstalls and re-installs and to no avail. The only way I can figure out how to get it to launch without this extreme FPS loss is to load another a/c, go into dev mode, aircraft selector, then launch it. In the video you'll see the airport loading screen, 1fps as it goes through it's normal view panning, then I finally get into the flight deck after rage clicking "Ready to Fly!", and you can see the extreme stutters. This didn't use to happen. It happened once flying out of KPHX the other day, reloaded the sim, it worked. Now, regardless of what airport I try to spawn it, regardless of whichever variant I try to spawn, day/night, this happens constantly...despite about 2-3 reinstalls. Here's a video: https://www.loom.com/share/991b5fd6167b42c087c4a9612a6e22c6
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