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  1. You can close this thread. Since it clearly won't even be properly investigated, I've decided not to waste my time with this product and its incredible amount of difficiences.
  2. Poking this thread again. The test that was done wasn't even done using the same parameters I provided above.
  3. I mean, after all, we're asked to provide that information for a reason, no?
  4. Maybe you can try performing the same flight I did in the initial post? KDCA-KMSP with that route? I'm convinced STARS are causing the issue.
  5. Doing another flight, same thing descending into KSAN via this route: BAYLR4 TEHRU DCT PLNDL Q86 TTRUE LUCKI1. Same result. TOD initiated 2-3 miles before the TOD arrow, and magenta dot plummets to the bottom of the PFD, causing the A/P to chase all the way down to catch up to the descent profile. Any word on this from the devs? I know it's the holidays, but genuinely curious if any headway has been made on at least conducting a test flight to see if you yield the same results?
  6. It happens again for me, I'll be sure to record it. Videos obviously help a ton.
  7. Well how about that. The flight I started seconds after reading this thread, it happened to me. For what it's worth, out of maybe 10 flights, this is the first time it happened. As you can see in the photo, MCDU says the managed speed should be at .77. However, the managed speed is actually (per the PFD) well within the 205 kt range, and you can see the aircraft is in managed speed mode. I have a hunch as to why I think it happened, but not sure how plausible. Looking at a load sheet from simbrief, the dispatch sheet said I should have a CI of 60, so I set it as such (for the record, saw "60" and went, "I've never set this that high in the bus before"). So I'm wondering if that had an effect on the CLIMB and CRZ profiles. The CLIMB past 10,000 ft and upward was still at a speed of around 220kts, and the aircraft was in managed mode at that time with a climb rate of roughly 2300 ft/m (which did not appear to be normal given the past 10 flights I'd done had the a/c pitching down to achieve a speed of ~270 kts on the climb). After seeing that, I assumed the results I was seeing was because of the high cost index, so I changed it back to 8 (were I normally put it), but no changes took effect to the way the a/c was operating. Assuming it would correct itself because of what the CRZ profile showed, the "Set manage speed" memo appeared, so I set manage speed mode expecting it to execute what it's publishing (.77 on the CRZ page), however, per the image, the speed being commanded by the a/c is no where near what it's suppose to be per the MCDU. So with that said, for the duration of the flight, I'm controlling the speed manually. Womp. Will do another turn here when I land in DEN with a normal CI to see if all correct themselves, but, it did just happen to me as well.
  8. https://www.useloom.com/share/f3e90a89b2c54459a14dd508b0da84a2 Here's the video from my descent into DEN. Descent is initiated right after the video begins. Also, never mind the approach.
  9. So after just landing in Denver, I'm confident STARS are where your buses struggle. Flying into KDEN from KMSO on the MOLTN3 arrival from the OPEE transition, the bus immediately from initiating decent falls behind the decent profile. Additionally, you see later on approach that the plane nose dives to get to the next altitude restriction. The video didn't save that I made, but after focusing on STARs in the bus, I can confirm that's where the problem seems to lie.
  10. Just to provide more context, maybe in the mindset of process of elimination. Just flew an approach into Missoula, MT (KMSO), and the aircraft had an absolutely flawless decent management round. No speedbrakes used at all. The one thing different here vs the other flights where I encountered issues was there was no STAR. I flew straight in via the RNAV RWY 29 approach. I'm about to do a quick turn to head back to Denver, so I'll let you know if I experience anything different and maybe rule it down to STARS causing issues with the decent management system in the A320.
  11. Actually, I can confirm this behavior. I just haven't gotten around to reporting it yet. If I'm in range of the LOC, I'll push the LOC button while still in managed NAV. Suddenly, the plane will bank left or right to where I have to manually regain control. Once I've regained control, and not put the bus on managed NAV, the LOC/APP works great. Happened to me twice during an approach, but was so focused on correcting the issue that I forgot to report it. AK
  12. Alrighty, so got an update for you with video. Here's the precursor information: A320 IAE DCA-MSP: HORTO3 BUFFR J518 DJB J34 VIO DCT KAMMA KKILR3 Right before the video starts: I'm right at TOD point. I'm coming from FL360, where the first restriction is 14,000 ft at CMAAC. Immediately, upon pushing the button to descend, the plane dives and chases the magenta all the way down. I wait to see if it's going to correct itself, but it doesn't, so I have to deploy speedbrakes. Once I do and get it back on profile, it handles beautifully. It's like it can't calculate the initial decent to meet the very first restriction to where, out of the gate, it's already behind. I've done two flights now, and I decided to record this one to show you. I hope it helps! Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/47e7ddfc3b7f46e2ae58764bb6c52f9f
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