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  1. I don't know if it was imploded or a controlled demolition. All I can say is that I am having a hard time to imagine a building to collapse in this symmetrical-synchronus fashion due to randomly distributed fires within the structure! Understood. That's the first time I hear that reasoning for investigations. Good question.
  2. Thanks altstiff for coming back. So may I narrow down your reply a bit? Am I correct in understanding that for you, those fires on the WTC7, are an absolute plausible cause in a technical sense to make the building (WTC7) collapse like it did? Or are you saying, that WTC7 collapsed this way, due to the fire and/or structural damage, because any other reason (e.g. controlled demolition) wouldn't make sense or would be impossible to achieve? Uhm... I just grasped this sentence: Well, in that case, then there was no need for an investigation board neither. This withdraws the basis of any discussion. Case closed.
  3. So if, as you state, it would take weeks of preparation for this sort of demolition, how come the building does it all on its own. Are you saying it just takes a few fires here and there to have a building collapse like this? Or would you say the video is faked? Please explain... now that you chimed in. I am not stating anything, these are just questions. I would like to understand your reasoning.
  4. Heeeeyy, very nice video! A pleasure to watch for everyone who loves formation flying! Thumbs up, Angel! BTW, is this Flaming Cliffs or Black Shark? The scenery looks like the upcoming Nevada desert area, has this been released already? And which Mirage-F1 modification are you using? It looks very nice! Makes me want to purchase BlackShark, add the mods and go flying with you, right now...
  5. Vielen Dank, Rainer. Sieht wirklich super aus! Mein FS9 mit Landscape Germany Freeware Project kann's kaum erwarten...
  6. That VC is looking very realistic! Great. Just one question, what is that thingy (looks like a paperstrip) folded around the front edge of the emergency window?
  7. I know this is not included in Mathijs' list, but what about the (T)F-104 Starfighter !? Looks dang sexy, it's a challenge to fly and it's well documented.
  8. Great looking aircraft! One question about the video, the wings seem pretty rigid, are there any plans to add wing flex to this mighty Airbus add-on at some point in time? Thank you!
  9. Why should they bother if even the PMDG MD11 tires you? And why do I smell a short career for some forum member here?
  10. Hello Shaun, just a quick question. It looks like I am having a hard time to locate the main product Male X in your Online Shop. I looked in the FSX sceneries up and down, no joy. Maybe I am blind. Any pointers would be very welcome. Thank you *EDIT* ugh... never mind, just found it on simMarket. Thanks anyway.
  11. Simple: Because Take-offs are optional, and landings are mandatory!
  12. Why should that be true? Mathijs was talking about large airports...
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