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  1. Thanks, Dan, got it! And er... I see where I went wrong before... I thought the file was a ready to use aircraft profile and so I put it in the Aircraft folder... After putting it in the AircraftTypes folder I could create a new aircraft in PFPX using this data. Got it now, thanks! EDIT Using Dan's file I created my SAS OY-KBT aircraft. A few settings had to be changed (considerably). I just finished a short flight with it and times plus FOB were pretty spot on (deviations from the plan were at most 35 seconds and 100 kg FOB, which I think is pretty good). Here are my altered settings fo
  2. I had seen that file already but it's a text file and PFPX won't see or load it... It's been reported as broken but I gave it a try anyway: no luck.
  3. Anyone here who knows where to get PFPX profiles for the Airbus A319 IAE? I want to fly with the SAS livery and need a profile for that. (I am surprised how hard it is to get a hold on profiles for PFPX!)
  4. Thanks for the info, Mas! I think I might switch to the SAS A319 then, even if it won't be used for domestic flights in real life: it will at least feel a bit better then the British livery I am using right now. I already found a good looking livery made by John Glanville. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/89435-100-accurate-sas/
  5. I only fly the Airbus 318 and I only fly in Norway. Anyone knows which available livery can actually be seen in Norway...? The only Scandinavian liveries I could find are fictional Widerøe ones. I'd love to get a livery that you can really see in the sky over there... but I suppose there aren't any, at least not ones that do domestic flights in Norway. If so, are there any companies that do fly with the Airbus 318 to various Norwegian airports?
  6. Carb left is alright. The first version of the Katana had the Carb label right in English cockpit by mistake, but the carb is on the left.
  7. I am also amazed why Aerosoft doesn't seem to care... I don't understand why this forum isn't moderated at ALL. Very strange. I wouldn't let my customers be treated as they are on this forum. It might be a reason not to buy anything anymore from Aerosoft.
  8. I also have a lot of other addons (GA and airliners, a.o. the 737NGX), but I only have this one installed... It's perfect for my kind of flying. Low and slow, no AP (which I had to get used to but it's sooooooooo much nicer to do the flying on your own!), great view on the outside world. Awesome plane. The best EVER imho.
  9. Ok, clear, thanks! I ususally leave my plane exactly as it shows up when I click on parked... so it's just as if every switch and whatnot IS saved after all.
  10. Glad you're back again! So if I understand it well, there is no 'option to recall all the previous settings' as Snave put it? So things like amount of fuel and oil and dirt are saved but not the state in which you left the plane when it comes to engines on or off, etc,? I thought that was (or coulde be) the case too. But if that's not the case, it's not a problem because I click the parked state now everytime. No problem at all, of course, but I just thought the Katana had an option to recall the state.
  11. Ok, I understand. However I don't have any problems with that same GNS in other (default planes). It's only in the katana that I can't turn the messages off. Anyway, I solved that problem by editing the xml of that gauge and now messages are off by default. The problem with direct tuning is still there but I sort of solved that by using only direct mode now...
  12. Afaik what you want isn't realistic... How it is now is how it is in real life (even the INSTANT stop op the propeller when you turn the engines off). And since the Katana is all about realism, I dont think your request will be honoured in a next patch. This isn't a problem, really, and only pronlems need patching.
  13. Well, it can be done because I've done it, but I removed the AP pretty soon because it takes the fun away imho... I looked in my archives if I could find how I did it (it was a popup only AP) but I apparently disliked it so much that I even deleted all information on how I did it... Sorry! What you could try is edit the aircraft.cfg and turn on the AP: autopilot_available=1 and then you should be able to at least use the AP using the keyboard shortcuts for it... I think. If you want the popup, you have to dig into a panel.cfg of another plane and look for some usefull AP entries...
  14. And Avsim also solved my problem with the MSG blinking. Great! So forget about my problems: they are solved.
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