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  1. Shortly after it was announced that the Junkers Ju52/3M would be released for Aerofly FS 2 first, the topic was locked. I wonder why? Has the project been cancelled? I, and a lot of other Aerofly FS 2 fans, were really looking forward to the first ever 3rd party plane addon for AFS2 ever...!
  2. It's been a while since I logged in here but I just have to say this new caught my attention and made me very happy! So there will be a 3rd party plane in AFS2 after all...! Which begs the question: is Aerosoft working on more planes for AFS2...? AFS2 needs 3rd party support badly and planes from Aerosoft could be a game changer. (Or well, a sim changer. ) It's a shame though that progress seems to be quite slow... AFS2 could do with some addons the coming months! Anyway, that Junker isn't my kind of plane at all but well, if it is a good and 'deep' simulation I will probably get it anyway! AFS2 can do with some more depth also!
  3. Nice. And good to know about the release being pushed to 2018: now I can stop waiting for a while.
  4. I don't envy your job, Tom... I respect how you stay so calm, cool and collected.
  5. Well, yes, 'more in-depth' doesn't equal 'best product'. There is a lot that comes into play when choosing between similar addons (similar meaning the same kind of plane). Cost, performance, what is actually simulated, what is actually used, etc. I think I can safely say that not only a lot of users are considering the Aerosoft Airbus to be the better product for them but that most users do so. The market for the Aerosoft version simply is larger. Which is exactly why Aerosoft is making specific choices. And rightly so. It works both ways. BTW I am still on the fence and will wait with my decision until the AS Airbus has been released.
  6. Come to think of it... If I am not mistaken you can enable a co-pilot with the Airbus to make the job a bit easier, right? Question 1: will that virtual co-pilot be using that indepentent right hand stuff? Or is the option to use those things indivudually only meant for shared cockpits? Question 2: you as a player (or simmer...) are the pilot in command (or whatever you call him) and you either also do the co-pilot's job OR you let the virtual co-pilot do that. Does that co-pilot help you in a totally realistic way or is it just helping out on a few things to make simming on your own easier? In other words: are the duties divided between the player and the co-pilot in a realistic way or is it a 'sim-only aid'? Question 3: what about a mode where you play the co-pilot and let the computer be the pilot in command? Just thinking out loud here. I think it could be fun to sit in the right seat every now and then (without using a shared cockpit, that is) and only do the things a co-piot does. Would be nice to see things from a different perspective. But I suppose that won't be possible...
  7. No, the sim itself has to be 64 bit in order to run the 64 bit Airbus. The fact that Windows itself is 64 makes no difference. FSX (and every version there is of it) is 32 bit so you would have to wait for the 32 bit version. And no need to say sorry because I am sure there are a lot of people who are confused by all this 62 vs 32 bit stuff.
  8. I am also sure I've read that but I am getting a bit older and remembering posts done in June is becoming a bit problematic. But seriously, good to know AS will look into this. I obviously didn't expect them to do so right away: the plane hasn't even been released yet! In the meantime I've heard the rain effect doesn't look too good so... maybe AS should have a REAL good look at it before they decide.
  9. Just read in the previous topic about raindrops on the windows and that P3D 4.1 would probably not give us that yet so this wouldn't be a feature of the new bus. 4.1 has been released today and guess what, it has raindrops on the windows (applied to some 10 default aircrafts). So, will the upcoming Airbus take advantage of this new feature?
  10. Oh boy... after reading almost the entire topic I am certain someone will now post he or she won't buy this plane because this isn't modeled...
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