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  1. No, I do not have any flight planning tool that sets fuel. But this question led me to the solution for my problem. I beg your pardon ... during all my tests I parked next to a FSX default fuel trigger (that's so embarrassing )! Despite using an addon scenery (so i could not see it), it did not loose its funktionality. Changing the parking position solved the problem. Just for your information, I placed the Majestic Dash8 on the same position and reduced fuel via its Control Panel (an external program like your CRJ Manager), the Dash8 was not affected and kept the reduced fuel. Only if you want to eliminate this effect of your CRJ in a future update. This does not happen on every airport. I crosschecked it by placing the CRJ on the default fuel station trigger of EDDH (the CRJ refueld immediately) and then changed to the German Aiports 3 via the FSX Scenery Manager (the CRJ did not refuel again). Thank you for investing your time on thinking about this annoying effect. Best regards, Tom
  2. Hi to all! I have exactly the same problem that CRJ Driver is describing, i am running (or better "trying to run") the CRJ in FSX. I spend over an hour with trying different startup scenarios, like starting the Manager before starting FSX, after starting FSX, not starting it at all, different default planes prior loading the CRJ, direct loading the CRJ, starting default aircraft and emptying the tanks prior to start FSX, reducing fuel via the manager before starting FSX, before starting the flight, after starting the flight but before starting the CRJ, I can't remember all the versions I've tried. I even reinstalled the CRJ and took a look in the realism settings if something checked the "unlimited fuel" option (but of course, it is still unchecked). Everything with administrative rights of course. And in every case the CRJ is refilling itself to the maximum seconds after I reduced the fuel, either with the manager, "Dave" or the FSX menue. With clueless regards, Tom
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