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  1. Pretty sure the answer is yes but is it the same with fsuipc? (Haven't got the pro) Will we have to assign an axis to it. Cheers can't wait
  2. What about being able to get an atis from either vatsim/ ivao put into the eff/wxr part? @Mathijs Kok that'd be pretty neat
  3. Will I be able to properly fly from the right seat? Like in the fslabs there's no difference between flying in the left and right seat. By this I mean will the radio stack on the right side be independent from the left, it enables me to control either radio from either side. Hope in making myself clear
  4. seeing as the main topic is closed, i was wondering if the a330 will have the new aer lingus livery as seen in the link below, and also is there a ball park price for it? https://www.independent.ie/life/travel/travel-news/aer-lingus-reveals-first-brand-makeover-in-20-years-37721325.html
  5. i was wondering if the screens are independent like they are in the fslabs airbus as i know that in the non professional version they weren't and that in a post it was said that out of the box they wouldn't be but would be in an update however checking the changelog, it was not mentioned there? thank you
  6. Are there any updates on eidw for p3d v4, is it in the pipeline or what? I know aerosoft have a huge amount of sceneries and the team is working round the clock, are you waiting until Dublin has its new runway because that will take years
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