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  1. This is not a screen capture of the FUEL PUMP settings, with Co Pilot OFF, where the checklist acknowledges that the FUEL PUMPS ARE ALL ON IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NORMAL PROCEDURES MANUAL THAT COMES WITH THE PRODUCT. Which was simply my initial enquiry!!! If it is a problem that needs resolving then just say so, I will await an update that fixes the problem... no problem. There is nothing worse then being told useless lies and deceptive information. Pay some respect to your customers.
  2. I've just had another check... I DO NOT HAVE THIS DOCUMENT!!!
  3. Wow, that makes it easier to understand... always a pleasure, thanks for the support . I don't have this document? where can I find it? Can you tell me where I can find this in the Normal Procedures Manual or any other manual that comes with the product??? Like this??
  4. Could you please provide a screen capture of the Fuel Pump settings you use in the A330 Professional, with Co Pilot OFF, that I am supposed to set... Because I have tried what you have suggested and the checklist still does not recognise that they are set identical to what the Co Pilot does (when enabled) as you say, so any further advice or evidence you can provide, that you have been able to set the Fuel Pumps to a state that satisfies the Checklist manually, without using Co Pilot, would be greatly respected and appreciated?? Unless this is an issue that needs to be resolved or is currently being ignored, which I would be happy to learn of, and therefore await the appropriate update in time?? As this is the only issue (other than the Exterior Lights, which I can live with) that I feel needs to be resolved satisfactorily please... Particularly as I do not have this issue with Fuel Pumps and the Checklist responses within the A320/A321 Professional checklist so I feel it is an easy fix?? With regard to setting the STROBE to Auto, I have also done this yet the Checklist still does not recognise this during the APPROACH nor the LANDING Checklists. Again I would greatly appreciate if you could provide a screen capture of your Exterior Light settings that satisfy the APPROACH and LANDING checklists regarding this sequence, without using the Co Pilot?? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Just providing an update to this issue. I'm using, all is well. EFOB IAW Fuel Prediction Page during Cockpit Preparation pre engine start was approx. 10,000kg. Halfway during a flight from VTBS to YPPH I checked this and the Fuel Prediction Page stated EFOB 600kg. I did my own current calculations as follows: FOB 25,060kg FF 5,400kg/Hour FL390 GS 480kts DTG 1,478nm EET 3.08 hours Actual EFOB 8,428kgs (overhead YPPH maintaining current FF and GS) A difference between the Fuel Prediction Page EFOB and actual EFOB of 7,828kgs, and this is after approx. 3 hours of flight. Regards
  6. Just as an afterthought, and apologies for providing additional information in a separate post (I didn't have the option to edit the appropriate post) but regarding switching the Strobe Lights from Auto to On prior to entering the runway for takeoff, the Before Takeoff Checklist acknowledges that the Exterior Lights are SET or ON (I can't remember the response) as they should be in the positions as per the screen capture above OK.
  7. Hmmm ok I tried this too, thanks for the suggestion... just by pushing the trim button on my joystick both up once only and down once only it does turn the trim wheel a number of times but it eventually stops... I actually use this method now because it turns the trim wheel faster and reduces the trim faster... When I am close to the actual trim setting needed I stop using the joystick button and use the mouse button for finer adjustment. This works for me and is a lot quicker than just using the mouse button and/or mouse wheel only.
  8. The only thing I can think of for the Exterior Lights issue, is that I switch the Strobe Lights from Auto to On when entering the runway for takeoff and leave them in this position until I exit the runway on landing when I switch them back to Auto. Can you confirm if this is correct, because my understanding is that in Auto mode the Strobe Lights wont come on until airborne, and then will switch off automatically on landing? I'm pretty sure at least CASA regulations in Australia and probably other countries around the world, the Strobe Lights need to be on whenever entering an active runway? But again, I'm not a real world pilot so I could have this wrong or not understand how the Strobe Lights Auto function works? Also in switching back to Auto after exiting the active runway and setting the remaining lights as per the Normal Procedures Manual, the After Landing Checklist Exterior Lights Challenge and Response works fine The fuel pumps issue I have no idea why the checklist does not recognise that they are ALL ON? I did try turning the WING X FEED, OUTR TK XFR (AUTO) and T TANK MODE (AUTO) on and off in a range of sequences but still the checklist did not recognise the fuel pumps were ALL ON as per the Normal Procedures Manual. Any advice greatly appreciated or if anyone can provide a screen capture of their Fuel Pump settings, when the Co Pilot is OFF, resulting in a successful acknowledgement in the Checklist that they are ALL ON, then I would be very satisfied Unless of course my configuration is corrupt and if so, any suggested amendments I can make to any configuration files would be appreciated too. Regards and thanks in advance.
  9. And my apologies, where I say EXTERNAL LIGHTS I mean EXTERIOR LIGHTS.
  10. G'day, my preference is to do things manually therefore I never have the co pilot switched on. Any automated functions such as taxi/landing lights coming on when moving is not something I like, I would prefer any automated option to be able to be switched off. I think these automated functions should only be associated with the co pilot and if this function is not used, then nothing automated should happen. Just my preference. So, I have just about nailed the A330 checklist, using the Normal Procedures manual as a guide, setting all switches and dials manually but for the life of me, during Cockpit Preparation Checklist, I can not get the checklist to recognise that the Fuel Pumps are ALL SET TO ON as per the Normal Procedures manual. I always need to skip this part in the checklist. Is this an issue with the checklist? Also, during the Approach Checklist, the last few items go like this: EXTERNAL LIGHTS, then CABIN SIGNS, then back to EXTERNAL LIGHTS. Is this a known issue? And again, I can not get the Checklist to recognise that ALL EXTERNAL LIGHTS ARE ON. So to summarise, I'm very happy with the machine, the only things I need to SKIP during all the Checklists from Cockpit Preparation to Parking, doing it all manually and not using the co pilot are: 1. FUEL PUMPS, during COCKPIT PREPARATION, and 2. EXTERNAL LIGHTS, during APPROACH and LANDING checklists. Not too bad all in all, nearly perfect in fact Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Gday, is setting the trim only done through rotating the trim wheel? Since the trim is now set to UP4.0, rotating the trim wheel to set the trim to T/O trim of a lower number like UP0.8, UP1.5, UP1.2 depending on the MCDU load etc, takes a very long time... it could be my mouse wheel, or mouse button settings... if anyone has any advice, greatly appreciated? Secondly, in the A320/A321 Prof I can set this trim during cockpit preparations but I haven’t been able to do this in the A330 Prof, I need to wait until after engine start when there is hydraulic power I think, is this correct or is there a way I can set the trim during cockpit preparations like the A320/321 prior to engine start? thanks in advance
  12. I was trying to get a solution to a problem, it was not given satisfactorily by support staff... in response to my original inquiry I was advised that I needed to reinstall after inadvertently updating my A320/321 after updating A330. I knew that this was a possible solution and pre-empted this by my original enquiry, where I clearly asked that if I needed to reinstall that I requested advice on how I could do this... check my original enquiry if you need further clarification. But support staff did not answer satisfactorily. In fact one such support staff said that my enquiry had in fact been answered and that he did not know what my problem was. Moreover they closed my topic with a simple solution that I needed to reinstall I wanted to know how to do this? It was clearly asked in my original post. I also wanted to know if I could simply reinstall the update or simply reinstall the fuel planner? But this advice was NEVER given. The advice on how to reinstall version was not given until today when I was advised that I needed to completely uninstall the A330 and reinstall and then subsequently install the update after that. This is not acceptable. As a loyal customer, I have been happy with the A320/A321 in P3DV3 and now in P3DV4, as well as the A330 and A320/A321 in P3DV4 and look forward to a A350 in P3DV4 in the future... I have spent hundreds of euros this product. And I’m sure it’s a simple problem that if anyone updates their A330 before updating their A320 then they will have the same problem with the fuel planner like I have. As a loyal customer and who is happy with the product, I would have thought that the information I am sharing would be beneficial to other paying customers. But all is not lost. I finally received a solution that works. Thank you Dave. It is quoted as follows (I can't quote the forum topic because it has been closed yet again... I really do not understand why this happens but hey) "I read your past posts and our replies my friend, and it does seem that there was some miscommunication. But I believe that I can help. First, please download and install Notepad++ (freeware). The reason for this is that many editable P3D files require special encoding that the version of Notepad installed with Windows does not provide and using Notepad could corrupt those files when saving them. XML files (the one I'm going to have you edit) is one of those files that requires UTF-8 encoding, which Notepad++ will do for you automatically when you save it. It's also just faster, better and safer for you to use Notepad++ which will work for all P3D editable files, so from here on out just use Notepad++ for all P3D files you may edit. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder: Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products. In this folder you will find the "as_a330_prof.xml" file. Open this file with Notepad++. Inside the file you will find a line which reads " <Version Installed="" /> " Change the "4" to a "3" and save the file. Now run the ASUpdater, and so long as you have Experimental Updates selected it should tell you there is an update for the A330. Run the updater and you will now have the latest version of the Fuel Planner. I hope this is helpful to you, but if not then please Private Message me. Best wishes." Hooooraaay!
  13. Gday, I installed update a few days ago for the A330 Prof. After this, I installed update for A320/A321 Prof... This effectively reinstalled a faulty fuel planner, which was fixed in I have sought advice on how to fix this. Initially I was told to reinstall, and although my original topic requested information on how to do this, it was not provided, and my topic was closed without a satisfactory solution. I was also advised that my query was satisfactorily resolved, which it wasn't so I had no other option but to repost the topic. One of those topics was about the Fuel Planner, and the other was about trying to reinstall the update. I have finally been advised today that I need to uninstall A330 Prof completely and reinstall the whole product. There is no option to just reinstall the update, or simply reinstall the updated fuel planner component, which is the problem. Both of my Aerosoft aircraft are working perfectly except for the fuel planner now, after I inadvertently messed it up by updating my A320/A321 Prof after I installed the A330 Prof update. DON'T MAKE MY SAME MISTAKE, and don't expect any satisfactory support about this issue. I have also been warned for posting multiple topics however, the topics were closed without a satisfactory solution, and I was never given the opportunity to further query this problem I am having. So I am happy to use SIMBRIEF for my fuel planning in the mean time, because uninstalling the whole product for such a simple issue is beyond my comprehension as a solution. I kindly request that the version of the Fuel Planner be included in the next A330 Prof update please?
  14. Hi, I've installed update for A330 prof however after this, I installed updates to my A320/A321 prof to version This reinstalled the faulty Fuel Planner for A330 Prof. How can I reinstall v for A330 Prof? There's no option to reinstall in AS Updater? thanks in advance
  15. Gday, Um when I updated A330 Prof to a few days ago I noticed that I was 2 updates behind for my A320/321 Prof... So today I updated my A320/321 Prof to but now when I used the Fuel Planner for the A330 Prof, I get an "Unhandled exception has occurred..." "Index was outside the bounds of the array." error. I've seen this in the forums before but those topics are closed. I did delete the fuelplanersavedsettings.xml file but the problem still exists. By updating my A320/321 Prof to version I think I've now basically reinstalled the Fuel Planner that wasn't working with the A330 Prof in earlier versions, after I installed the update, which fixed this problem perfectly? Is there a way I can reinstall the Fuel Planner (only) from version again? Or do I need to reinstall the whole update again and if so, how do I go about doing this? The easiest and most non corruptible solution would be appreciated, because both my A330 and A320/321 Prof aircraft have been working very well indeed Many thanks in advance.
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