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  1. Aerosoft has a problem I know , the world knows.

    Being not able to say who was resposible for the theft within a few hours is a fact of mismanagement and poor preparation.

    Simply handing over a personal encoded beta version to invidual all beta-testers would have been a bit time consuming I know, nevertheless the a way to avoid things to happen like now.

    Stating all mebers of the beta-testers-group are suspect ? Sorry to say, thats not done .

    Making a fuzz about it on a public forum, thats even less done.

    Aerosoft is a great company giving us fantastic products ,no doubt about that and gives us the impression this is really serious business.

    Last week Aerosoft showed us her weakest side and now we know sometimes they handle things in a very amaturistic way .

    My advise ( for what it`s worth I am only human and imperfect too)

    Clean up this forumpart and continue this hideous quarrel behind closed doors.

    Best regards

    Leen de Jager

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  2. Great idea , making a brand new sim.

    I would like to see clouds wich move according the wind-direction and throwing shades on the ground.

    Different movements at different hights would be great.

    Once I have been dreaming about visible icing of wings and windows IN VC view.( or even a very unlucky bird crashing the windshield and or damaging engines , causing real trouble)

    Leen de Jager

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