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  1. In regards to a NEO for the Airbus family, would much work need to be done to include the NEO variants in the product line? From my understanding, there a minimal changes between a new built A320ceo from 2019 to a new build A320neo built in the same year, besides the new engines, tweaks to the FWB, and addition of the cabin flex option. The differences a minor in comparison to the evolution of the 737 NG to MAX. However, I could still see the issue of getting engine data from Airbus, unless Asobo's partnership with the company has also opened new doors for 3rd party devs.
  2. In saying this, does this mean that their is the possibility for other engine options for the base A330 being developed as well at this time, whether that be on any platform?
  3. I apologize if this has been asked differently previously, To confirm, is the possibility for new engine models (PW4168A or GE CF6-80E1) for the A330 out of the question for the year 2020 with the development plans for MFS and the other sims? Much appreciated
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