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  1. Hi Fletch, Any news in this matter??? Cheers Jigedi
  2. No one out there who tried this?
  3. Dear Aerosoft team, First of all I would like to express how impressed I am to see the improvements which have been made on the Hamburg X 2012 airport. WOW! Especially the runway lights at night are simply breathtaking. Now I was wondering why the orange flashing runway entry lights have not been modelled in this update? Any chance to get this fixed with a mini update? I have seen those lights on many other Aerosoft airports and I really would like to see them in EDDH. Cheers Jigedi
  4. I was facing the same issues, but finally my nosedive problem seems to be solved (by accident). Since I have changed my joystick sensitiveness settings according to the recommendations given in Aerosoft's manual the Airbus makes no nosedives anymore during a manual landing. I have performed some touch-and-go's and the nosedive did not appear anymore. Maybe you want to check this out and adivse if it helps in your case, too.
  5. I was facing the same issues, but finally my nosedive problem seems to be solved (by accident). Since I have changed my joystick sensitiveness settings according to the recommendations given in Aerosoft's manual the Airbus makes no nosedives anymore during a manual landing. I have performed some touch-and-go's and the nosedive did not appear anymore. Maybe you want to check this out and adivse if it helps in your case, too.
  6. I have only the driver installed, NOT the additional software. The slider for repeating the signal "F2" is also all the way to the right. And the crazy thing about this behaviour is that ALL my FSX standard jets and Add-on jets respond perfectly to the thrust reverse. I am quite conviced that the Aerosoft Airbus causes the problem. And I would really like to use my throttle quadrant as realistic as possible - not pushing the F2 button.
  7. These are exatcly my settings - but the problem remains. Any further ideas how to solve the issue? I wonder why only some of us are facing the problem with the thrust reverser function and the Saitek Throttle Quadrant. Regards Jigedi
  8. I have the same issues with my Saitek Throttle Quadrant. The thrust reversers seem to respond only sporadic. No clue why this only happens with the Aerosoft Bus. All other aircrafts in fsx (standard and add-ons) work fine, when activating the thrust reverse. Ís anybody else facing this issue? The throttle can't be the reason as I have changed it already and the problem still exists. Cheers Jigedi
  9. Hi, can anyone please tell me how to activate the 2nd AP? I have tried several times to activate it for a complete autoland, but if I push the button AP2 nothing happens. Maybe I do something wrong? Thanks for your advice!
  10. Why can't you sell the downloaded version of Airbus X? My understanding is that you own a legal serial number and you should be able to sell if you don't want to use it anymore. Has anybody experience with this?
  11. I do experience exactly the same behaviour of the Airbus when landing manually. At 400 ft the nose dives down and it is nearly impossible to recover it. I do not understand why this problem is obviously not concerning all users.
  12. Hi, I do not have a software from Saitek that would allow me to programm aircraft specific profiles. I would be more than happy if you could let me know where I can such software. What do mean by "Try to program an F1 and then repeated F2 for the reverser buttons"? Could you please give a step by step guidance? Thanks and regards Jigedi
  13. I do not use a specific programm for this. I do the settings in the FSX directly and it works with all aircafts well, exept with the Bus. Yesterday evening I had a first success: After landing in Hamburg I could activate the thrust reverse. However, I tried it just a couple of minutes again and still thrust reverse does not always react correctly to the signal ot should get from the throttle. And by pressing F2 it always works. This is really weired....
  14. Thanks for your reply. I have set the repeating of the signal, but the error is still there. Regards Jigedi
  15. Hi, The Thrust Reversers are being activated by pulling them back completely and then overgoing a certain point of pressure. This is then like pushing a button. Absolutely comparable. Andon the calibration test page the indicators show that the button reacts correctly. Yes, I have mapped it via the standard FSX mappings to your controller. Thanks for any further piece of advise from your folks. Cheers Jiegdi
  16. Hi folks, currently I have the problem, that after landing the Bus my thrust reversers don't respond if I try to activate them via my Saitek Throttle Quadrant. If I use F2 it works, but that's not really the way I want to land my Bus. This siutation only occurs during the landing phase. If I try it during the take off phase the Bus reacts to the signals of my Throttle Quadrant. I assume that I have forgotten some important step in the process/preparing the landing phase. Has anybody of you experienced the same? Or maybe a piece of advice? Thank you in advance. Rgds Jigedi
  17. Hi, I've checked the settings have been made correctly. However: I don't see any landing lights during day time in the external view. I am aware that during daytime lights are not as btight as in nighttime, but at least they should be visible. Thanks for any piece of advise. rgds Jigedi
  18. Hello, I just found out, that the landing and taxi lights are not visible in my external view. Only in VC view I can see if they're turned on or not. All other lights work fine. Has anybody experienced the same? Regards Jigedi
  19. Hello, I am using the Multi Panel from Saitek to control the autopilot functions, flaps, etc. with my FSX. While doing my first flights now with the Airbus X from Aerosoft I found out that many functions do not work, such as IAS, ALT, CRS, etc. Auto Throttle can't alos be switched on and off. Are there any plans to make this panel work with the new Airbus X? Regards Jigedi
  20. Dear Aerosoft team, I would like to share my wish list for the next update of GAP 3 Hamburg X with you: - The approach lights in front of the runways should be illuminated like in reality. The Aerosoft airport Paderborn-Lippstadt shows how great this looks like at night. - The PAPI lights should be modelled realistically. Currently there is no case around the lights modelled. - Flashing runway entry lights should be featured like other GAP airports already feature it today. - It would be nice to have the airport buildings at the latest status. The hotel Radisson Blu would surely look great in front of the airport. I would be happy if you could take some of these wishes into account for the next update. Regards Jigedi
  21. Hi Shaun, could you please answer to my question raised recently? Many thanks in advance. Regards Jigedi
  22. Hi Shaun, thanks for the quick reply. Somehow I was hoping for a customer friendly price politic... However, to save some money there is still the possibility left for me to sell the single airport pack and to get me the complete package. Can you please advise, where the purchaser of my serial-code can download the installation file for GAP3 Hamburg X? Thanks and best regards Jigedi
  23. Dear Aersosoft team, Some months ago I have purchased the GAP3 Hamburg single package and I really do like it! I would like to know if there will be the possibilty to purchase the bigger GAP3 package including Hamburg and some other airports for some kind of "special offer" price. This would be a nice thing for those people who have already purchased single GAP3 airports and couldn't wait until the release of the big package. Thanks for letting me know if there are any plans for a special offer. Regards Jigedi
  24. Hi. I have just purchased the GA2 package and I have the problem, that there are no "lead in lights" visible at the aiport EDHK Kiel at both beginnings of the runway. There is a picture of the airport and the described lead in lights in the manual and I can see the metal construction where the lights are mounted. Therefore I assume they were intended to be iluminated. Could you please advise if I have done something wrong or if it is a bug? Also the runway lights seem to be very dark to me. The runway becomes visible in the dark very late. I am running FSX with SP2 installed. Thank you for your help in advance. Regards Jigedi
  25. Dear Shaun, as the release of GAP 3 comes closer now I would like to ask you if there's any news regarding the special discount for customers who have already purchased single airports such as Hamburg for example. I would really appreciate if there is a plan to "motivate" people to buy the complete GAP 3 package for a special price. Can you tell me when the release date will be? Thank you very much in advance. Regards Jigedi
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