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  1. Hi Captain Tonight when I started Sim Starter NG P3D, I did the requested update (I have P3d4.5HF). When I restarted SimStarter, I got the following message "Found error(s) in add-ons.cfg. Open Validation Dialog? yes/no" Pictures of the Open Validation Dialog Window are attached - any ideas what has gone wrong? Nigel Vancouver
  2. Mathijs, how do I send you a private message?





  3. Correction: using the specific keys as above can have proiblems, even although their use did not conflict with my assignments, this does cause problems in the GPS, eg the "V" will not select in the GPS for CYVR, it will show CYR. I e-mailed Peter Dowson and the work-around is to put shift ahead of the key, ie "shift_V" Nigel
  4. Hi Tobus You have to have FSUIPC4 installed, mine is the payware version and that is needed to get full access to all its functions. Start up a flight with the Twin Otter floats, from the top menu go to addons and open up FSUIPC. Go to the “keys” tab. I used the “F” and “V” keys respectively for the throttle incr and throttle decr for engine #1, and the “K” and “M” keys respectively for the throttle incr and throttle decr for engine #2. Check the “Aircraft Specific” selection, and your current aircraft will be identified. To assign an action to a keypress, press the Set button in the left hand panel. The edit box above displays ―PRESS KEY. Press your key selection, for example “F”, and you will see it displayed. Next, you have to complete this selection by assigning an action to that key press ie “THROTTLE1_INCR”. Read the manual that comes with FSUIPC to make sure you follow the correct steps. Also do not select the repeat box. Hope this helps Nigel ps My favourite float plane flight is between Vancouver and Victoria, Victoria is quite a bendy shoreline, hence my need for better steering pps have you tried my CYVR scenery for FSX?
  5. I did it! Using FSUIPC4, I assigned four keys to Throttle1 and 2, incr and decr, and it works fine. Thx everyone for their help regards Nigel
  6. Thx Snave for your reply and suggestion. I went poking around in the FSX settings but did not see any which would apply to pitch actions for individual engines. I do have the payware of FSUIPC4 and I suspect I can do something in that program but am still working at it. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated regards Nigel
  7. Tobus Thx for your response, I tried this but it is an incredibly cumbersome process; I have found that the aircraft will respond slowly to rudder action but if I need a sharp turn I change to slew mode - all very unsatisfactory for a payware product. I hope someone from Aerosoft is reading this, why Aerosoft cannot provide a software work-around I don't know, Barry Blaisdell did so on his Twin Otter Float and it works well. I have been examining aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg and *.air files but cannot see a way to doing this. I would like to hear some comments from Aerosoft Support - pls Nigel
  8. The manual describes how to steer the Otter in water, in real life. In the simulator, the manual recommends a throttle quadrant. I don't want to buy a throttle quadrant (many times more expensive than the original Otter software), so what work-around is there in FSX? There is no ctrl-W and the CH rudder pedals won't steer it in water. Nigel Vancouver
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