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  1. At last, I have succeeded in downloading Switzerland - why I don't really know. I coupled Chrome with FreeDownload Manager, I must have had over 10 failures but was able to resume the download at each failure point, after a complete exit from the Internet. Nigel
  2. See my postings under Aerofly FS2 forum, trying to download Switzerland scenery - exactly the same problems and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Nigel Vancouver
  3. Hi Tom I am still getting nowhere fast; I have yet to download a complete Switzerland file. I have checked with my ISP, and my modem and router (although my PC is hard-wired into the router and modem) and connections are all in order. Today I downloaded a 3.5GB file from ORBx and later a 903MB file of Washington North as described in a message below – without any problems. When downloading Switzerland I occasionally get about 2GB and once managed to get to 6GB. It is downloading at 2MB/s and indicates a 2 hour download for the nearly 15GB file; the download speed starts to falter then eventually hits zero - I get the message “failed – network error”; then when I click “resume” in Chrome I get _”failed - network forbidden”. Even with the download managers, when it stops they cannot reconnect. To summarize what I have done; 1 . I am using Chrome and have re-installed it. 2. I have tried two download managers – FreeDownLoad Manager and JDownloader. 3. I have turned off Windows Defender and anti-virus. 4. I changed the “eu” end of the URL to “usa”, ie Link removed My computer technician queries whether it might be a very busy Aerosoft web site due to the season? So what can I do now? Nigel
  4. Hi Tom Some more grist for the mill. None of these were successful, the download still crashed, usually at least to 2GB: · turning off Windows Defender and anti-virus during download Link removed changing the “eu” end of the URL to “usa” I get the message “failed – network error”; then when I click “resume”, I get "failed - forbidden” Regards Nigel
  5. Hi Tom Thx for your quick response. My PC is already hard-wired into the router which is hardwired into the modem, which I presume is what you were referring to re the LAN connections? I cannot locate the Amazon link you are referring to , this is the URL for my downloads page: What next? I might try a download with my Defender turned off regards Nigel
  6. I have just purchased Switzerland but so far I have been unable to download an executable file. I am using Chrome and have re-installed it. I have rebooted my router, and rebooted the computer. I have also tried FreeDownload Manager. When Chrome download stalls, I eventually get the message “forbidden” which according to info, indicates I am not allowed to download the file from the Aerosoft site, yet I am checked into my account. What can I do next? Nigel Vancouver
  7. I fly on "trips" in different parts of the world, from one airport to the next, moving along several airports. When I am at the start point I save the scenario (hit the ; key) and call it "trip". I locate that file in ......documents/Prepar3D v4 Files/trip, and from it create a shortcut on the desktop called "trip". When I get to the next airport, I shutdown and save the scenario "trip" overwriting the previous one. Then next time I want to do the next leg, I double-click "trip" on the desktop and there I am where I left off previously. In the case of the Twin Otter, in the Configuration panel, under "default start", I tick "Ready to fly situation" and the aircraft starts up immediately. Very quick and convenient.; hope this helps. Nigel Vancouver
  8. Mathijs, how do I send you a private message?




  9. Now, sometimes when I fly, the numbers show; then sometimes when I fly, the numbers don't show! Hope Windows 10 has the promised update soon Nigel
  10. More puzzlement - I just fired up P3Dv4 to fly and all the gauges were lit - I haven't done any adjustments since my last posting. Nigel
  11. Tom Thx for your response. Yes I copied the quartz file from sim\fonts (P3Dv4) to the Windows (W10_64bit)\ fonts, when I right click the file, there is no install button. If I right click the quartz file in the sim\fonts, there is an install button. Nigel
  12. I spoke too soon. Before my first message I had rebooted my computer at least a couple of times, and the numbers showed up correctly. Today they do not show, and running the batch file does not bring them back either - a real puzzlement Nigel
  13. I had exactly the same problem and tried suggestions from several earlier messages below without success, until I came across this message string, Panels font issue. The Rebuild_Font_Cache.bat solved the issue, all my dials are showing the frequencies - thx for that suggestion. Nigel Vancouver
  14. Correction: using the specific keys as above can have proiblems, even although their use did not conflict with my assignments, this does cause problems in the GPS, eg the "V" will not select in the GPS for CYVR, it will show CYR. I e-mailed Peter Dowson and the work-around is to put shift ahead of the key, ie "shift_V" Nigel
  15. Hi Tobus You have to have FSUIPC4 installed, mine is the payware version and that is needed to get full access to all its functions. Start up a flight with the Twin Otter floats, from the top menu go to addons and open up FSUIPC. Go to the “keys” tab. I used the “F” and “V” keys respectively for the throttle incr and throttle decr for engine #1, and the “K” and “M” keys respectively for the throttle incr and throttle decr for engine #2. Check the “Aircraft Specific” selection, and your current aircraft will be identified. To assign an action to a keypress, press the Set button in the left hand panel. The edit box above displays ―PRESS KEY. Press your key selection, for example “F”, and you will see it displayed. Next, you have to complete this selection by assigning an action to that key press ie “THROTTLE1_INCR”. Read the manual that comes with FSUIPC to make sure you follow the correct steps. Also do not select the repeat box. Hope this helps Nigel ps My favourite float plane flight is between Vancouver and Victoria, Victoria is quite a bendy shoreline, hence my need for better steering pps have you tried my CYVR scenery for FSX?
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