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  1. I'm really impressed with the updates. Would it be likely to see some more video previews in the near future?
  2. Speedbird279

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    Alright, I think I've fixed it by uninstalling FSX and Installing it clean, not sure what the issue was but I think it was my lack of patience. Now I can continue flying this stunning aircraft and eagerly look forward to the imminent release of the A330. Thanks for all help given, Tom
  3. Speedbird279

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    I ran windows defender through the system and everything seems to be in order. Are there any known programs that conflict with the bus? Thanks and it is an honor to write the 200th reply to this topic, Tom
  4. Speedbird279

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    Many thanks for the quick reply, Your reasoning seems very logical, I'll give the system a scan and see if anything grabs my attention. It's good to know that it wasn't stimulated by any of the other add-ons. Thanks a lot, Tom
  5. Speedbird279

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    Hello all, I'm having a few issues regarding the performance of the A320 family, and my sincerest apologies if a solution to my problem has already been posted, in which case I am just wasting time. I have been using the Aerosoft Airbus packages for a few years now but recently purchased the steam versions with fs2crew (probably irrelevant information). The whole set up worked perfectly for 2 weeks or so but I am now at a stage where the busses are pretty much unusable with a frame rate varying between 0 and 2 frames per second, this is very unusual as I have a high-end PC. I have only installed UK2000 scenery and the PMDG 737NGX since my initial purchase, so I guess the question is whether there are any known conflict issues or the sudden drop of performance is due to other factors. I would highly appreciate any help or advise that I can get, and apologies once again if this is a common error that is asked about frequently, Cheers, Tom