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  1. Ok, I have managed to fix it. I think this comment pretty much explains what you need to do, for anyone else having problems
  2. ok, I've tried that. Still no luck
  3. Yes I do, however I did disable it before reinstalling the airbus
  4. No, I do not have it there
  5. Unfortunately, after reinstalling, no luck...
  6. Ok, I will try and see if that helps, do I need to uninstall both the A318/19 and A320/21?
  7. no, the TrueGlass and RealLight installers
  8. I removed the 2 .dlls and folders in gauges, and ran both installers again.
  9. Yes, I seem to have all of those you have mentioned, however under Prepar3D v4\gauges\TrueGlass I do not have the file TrueGlass.ini. That seems to be the only file that I am missing.
  10. Hello, I seem to be having the exact same issues as well. I've done a reinstall of Reallight and Trueglass, but still nothing. Both of them are not in the Addons area on the welcome screen either. Would really appreciate it if someone is able to find and help solve this.
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