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  1. I just asked, the A320 from the same company also has this callout. So, I agree, must be a customer option.
  2. I know from personal experience that the A330s that I flew on have an automatic V1 callout. Some years ago, the pilot monitoring also had to call „Go“ 3 knots before the automatic V1 callout.
  3. From what I know, the sunshades are essential in the daily operation cycle. And that was just an input from my side trying to improve something, if you dont consider things like those important, then that‘s not my problem.
  4. This video also shows the cockpit details the A32X should have. As I remember, Aerosoft‘s goal is to simulate the daily work of an airline pilot, which a moveable seat, sunscreens and a moveable compass are parts of. Therefore I would request those as parts of the Airbus if it can be added at this developing stage.
  5. Ok thank you, and will there be a guide/tutorial regarding all the ETOPS thingies? Because I dont have any idea how they work
  6. Hi all, (this by the way is my first post in this forum ) to get back to the topic a little more, I wanted to ask if it will be possible to enter time points, such as normal times in the flightplan that will show up on the ND, and (for the A330) equal time points, or ETOPS entry and ETOPS exit points. Thank you and greetings from Germany.
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