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  1. Had exactly the same problem and having looked at config and not seen was about to go down the uninstall/reinstall route. So very pleased to see need to scroll to bottom of config. Deleted and sorted thanks.
  2. Just reinstalled CRJ having updated full reinstall of P3D 4.4. Included latest CRJ update through updater. having positioned the aircraft against a jetway I lowered the door rails. When I closed the door I did not change the door rail configuration and the rails finished up outside the fuselage. Not noticed this before?
  3. I inserted EGBB and EGPH into FP plus first waypoint TNT Enter. Before inserting route put in SID TNT4D and after entering again went to page 2 and inserted POL and TLA which it accepted. managed to deal with discontinuity. Think I had to delete one of the TNT's from wp as showed two. But managed to fly route plus using vectors to ILS 24. That was hard work and we will see if it works the same next time.
  4. Back to square one not accepting POL. Finishing for now.
  5. Well that was going ok but would not allow me to delete discontinuity. Tried few times then system crashed. Will start whole thing and try again
  6. Tried again. This time put in first waypoint as TNT and then did SID- TNT 4d off 33. Then put in POL and TLA on page 2 and route is now showing correctly. I know I can put in airway but this is just a quick trip. lets see if this works.
  7. Still problems. The route now goes out to TNT per STAR but then back to EGBB before going out to POL. Went back to page 1 which now shows first entry as TNT . Despite legs showing TNT then POL it clearly is not doing that.Tried to amand without success.Will try again from start using 900 instead.
  8. Have just tried this again. last few times I put in first waypoint on flight plan page as TNT which would link with the SID. Then on page two tried to put in POL as next wp. This time I have just put POL on first page as the "direct to" and it accepted it.It also took TLA. I then put in SID via TNT and all accepted.Will fly it now. Very puzzling but seems ok.
  9. In doing flights from EGBB to EGPH which I do with other aircraft including Airbus Pro without difficulty I have a repeated problem entering waypoints POL and TLA which the FMS states are not found. I did once get into to accept POL by going into a different page but that POL was thousands of miles away? Other waypoints are recognised and I seem to have SIDS/Stars but obviously these are missing? I have to FMS database which came with the CRJ download. It has not been updated. Both POL and TLA in the UK are current. Any thoughts please?
  10. Following the revised update today there is a problem with idle thrust being too great making taxiing problematic.
  11. I didn't have presurisation issues before this but do now. Did my usual test egbb/Egan cruse FL240. As I reached 240 noticed red warning saying diff press. Checked all switches and settings but could soo no issue. As I decended the problem sorted itself. I did put in the arrival alt at that point but no difference? What has changed please in the function or is it a bug arising from the changes? Many thanks.
  12. Thanks Hans Realising that I always switch the pumps to on made me think again. Stupid mistake on my part after days of Airbus flying I did not press the start button! All is well although I did notice that when I tried to reload the aircraft -to try again- it CTD? Apologies for my error. Martin.
  13. Before this update via the updater, which now shows 1.2.2 installed, I had no problems. I now cannot achieve engine start which I have done many times before? Suggestions please?
  14. My standard test flight EGBB to EGAA. Performed seamlessly. Great stuff. Congrats to Aerosoft team!
  15. I've read the various reviews and concluded that Flight was far too limited. I have not downloaded, even though free, as I do not want it cluttering my hard drive. My interest is primarily airline operations in Europe and I am clearly going to wait a long time for that to be supported, if ever. As to the "game" element I am simply not interested. Martin Madden
  16. Well done and congratulations Oliver for such an inovative,original concept plus implementation of design and development. Thank you also for your patient and valuable support when we get stuck on things. Martin Madden
  17. Despite the limitations of my system which I will probably upgrade early next year it copes pretty well since installing Win 7 64 bit. It can handle mega scenery airports and PMDG NGX albeit the extra airport features have to remain turned off. I thought this would be a test too far but not so! My current system is a Dell unit with 2.6 Quad core and nvidia 285x 1GB and with 6GB DDR 2 RAM. The hard drive is unremarkable.The system is 3 to 4 years old but has been given extra life by upgrading the operating system to Win 7 64 bit and adding additional memory. I have AES on all my addon airports which I thing is innovative and immersive. Oliver keep up the good work! Madair
  18. Thanks Rafal I see I was credited with 1 credit and had to use one of my unused credits and all is well. Given that EGBB V2 has significant changes I can see the justification for this. Whilst I would have gone with V2 and updated AES anyway, what I did not appreciate, based upon previous experience, is that V1 remained available in AES help. Previously I found that the updated AES, reported to recognise the new version, conflicted with a former version of the airport scenery. I hope I am making myself clear here. As it is AES still recognises V1 and I think that is how it should be. I held off updating to AES2.12 until I could do both together. Why I say all this is Oliver has previously sated that if you don't keep the up to date AES version installed it will not be supported. Martin Madden (Madair)
  19. Oliver I waited for 2.12 to be released before buying UK 2000 V2. Of course I cannot run both so switched off AES activation for V1 removed scenery area and uninstalled EGBB V1. Installed V2 and went to AES Help to activate only to see that V1 still there but switched off and offering me demo on V2. Having done something similar with Manchester I thought it would be straightforward . Surely I don't have to buy credits again? Martin Madden ( madair)
  20. Thanks Volker All working now. Madair
  21. I notice that one of the save options for FSC9 includes iFly747. Are there any plans to include the 737 please? Madair
  22. Thanks Oliver I will think again at 2.12 Regards Martin
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