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  1. With FSUIPC you can manage to get it fly properly.
  2. Try to hit "Z" key to de-activate a possible auto-pilote.
  3. I don't have this issue, sorry I can't help.
  4. Hi, you need full (paid) version of FSUIPC, and copy this lines in a LUA file (txt file to which you change extension to "lua"), place it in the "modules" folder of P3D. Then for your test you can assign a key to start the script in the FSUIPC settings. once all set, you can autorun the script when DA20 is loaded (check FSUIPC documentation). list of LVAR is there:
  5. For those who desperate to use this aircraft with V4 and don't want to bother "fixing it" at every start up, below is a small LUA script which I load automatically with FSUIPC when selecting the DA20 (it set "instructor mode", this repairs the aircraft, then set it to "ready for take off", and set few of my necessary settings). Pretty much anything can be done like this, if you know the LVARS (I have the full list, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to post it here) ipc.writeLvar('L:SETTING_INSTRUCTOR_MODE',1) ipc.sleep(500) ipc.writeLvar('L:SETTING_STATUS_PRE_TAKEOFF',1) ipc.writeLvar('L:LEVER_PROPELLER_PITCH_MODE',1) ipc.writeLvar('L:CONDITION_GPS500',200) ipc.writeLvar('KT76A_simple',1) ipc.writeLvar('KX125_simple',1) ipc.writeLvar('L:WHEEL_FAIRING_RIGHT',1) ipc.writeLvar('L:WHEEL_FAIRING_LEFT',1) ipc.writeLvar('L:WHEEL_FAIRING_NOSE',1) last 3 lines put the wheel fairing in place
  6. Hi, ATM the only problem I have to run the DA20 with P3D V4 is the loadsave.gau module which is probably not working because of 64B. I know this aircraft won't be updated, but has this module been updated for another aircraft and could be sent to DA20 owners? Thanks in advance Nic
  7. Hi, I use the DA20 to fly in Virtual Reality, but RPM gauge is not readable due to VR low resolution, is it possible to add a RPM gauge in the bottom right empty place of the VC?
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