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  1. Hey guys, I'm very happy with the full family and have been learning a lot with them recently. I just completed my first flight from Frankfurt to Athens on D-AISP. On the A321, I noticed that only doors 1L/R and 4L/R seem to be modelled and the doors in the middle of the plane (2L/R and 3L/R) aren't. Are they modelled and just not showing up on the doors page or they aren't. I ask because door 2L is often used for boarding at many carriers (especially LH) and would be cool to have. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for this. Using the landings on the 14 and takeoffs on the other two works like a charm and no overlapping planes anymore.
  3. I tried both versions of the cross-runway and both seem to have the same issue.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I am using one of the cross-runway versions. I can't tell you which at the moment as I am also not at my computer. I'd grab ADE and modify it myself but I'm quite new to the whole process and don't really know how everything works. Just basically can open the file and see it.
  5. Hey guys, I had been waiting to buy LSZH for P3d v4 for a while and today I saw it released and bought it. I'm a bit dissapointed since the parking spots for AI traffic are completely wrong. I opened the AFX file with ADE and noticed the following: The parking codes being used for Swiss is CRX. Swiss' ICAO code is SWR. Therefore very few Swiss planes are parking correctly. The size for gates in concourses A and B vary greatly and practically allow for parking of widebody aircraft on all gates which is false. Most gates in these two concourses are for narrowbody aircraft only. Other than the code CRX, there are very few other codes in use in those gates, so the likes of Emirates and similar foreign airlines end up parking there. In the international concourse, there are several gates that also have incorrect size, and gates that overlap each other. I understand that there are some gates that can only be used by two narrobodies or one widebody at the same time. In this case I'd suggest to make the gate available for the widebody since those can't definitely go in A or B. Edelweiss is completely missing from the parking assignments. Please see the attached screenshots (first one from terminal A with all the Swiss widebodies) and second from terminal E mostly empty, and with gates overlapping each other. Thanks
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