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  1. Those last two videos are fantastic. Can you tell us what the LOD of the mesh in the game area will be?
  2. Actually, it may be exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. Right now, in order to be perceived as covering all the bases the sim community expects to be covered, each of the "main" platforms makes significant compromises as to content, whether that be terrain detail, quality of default aircraft, environment, ATC, etc etc. As a long-time casual simmer, I'm still looking for a simulation experience that allows me to maximize the 1 to 2 hours a week (and sometimes less) I have to devote to this hobby. I've moved over to XP11 after abandoning FSX and after having flirted with FSW,
  3. My main interest is the number of airfields. The second question was aimed at prying out details about extendibility of the basic concept. A "world" of aircraft suggests that a 50 x 50 map is a proof of concept.
  4. How many of the airfields in the sim's 50km x 50km area will be modelled? Will the sim have VFR flight planning facility?
  5. Any new info on this project? I've been simming for almost 30 years: I am a hardcore casual simmer. Bet I'm not the only one.
  6. Interesting. It has struck me for many years (I began buying Aerosoft products back when I was using MSF2004), that while Aerosoft's add-ons actually span almost all the major components of a flight simulator (aircraft, scenery, AI, and utiilities), it has never, till now, actually brought to market something that knits them all together. So I am intrigued by what you wrote in your initial post about this product being based on a "game engine...created for flight simulators." Am I correct in assuming that that engine has been created "in house" by Aerosoft? Tim
  7. I came here as, since about the end of April of this year, I've been poking around the different corners of the flightsim world for clues to what might be next for flight simulation. I am struck by the fact that this product also has the word "World" in its title and does seem to be aimed at a market that is different from that served by LM and LR. I don't know if you are able to answer this question, but has the cancellation of FSW (whose tangled history I'm fully aware of) provided space for you in which to re-conceptualize the direction in which you intend to take this particular suite of p
  8. This is all very interesting. I really get your impatience with Microsoft, Mathijs. Because they hold all the marbles all the time, they pretty much do what they want. That's why the ACES Studio, for all their skills, was just a group of employees. Remember when the only place you found a gorgeous Goose or Maule was in the forums? (Isn't it odd it's a Stearman in that trailer? Where did that idea come from, I wonder?) When beautiful clouds were only had as an add-on? So Microsoft closes up shop for a few years, watches REX, Orbx, and Aerosoft push FSX, which already looks pretty nice (sorry
  9. I , for one, am really looking forward to this Airbus. I suspect that most of us are looking for something like a 320 or a 737, that takes advantage of the visual richness of the FSX "world", that has just enough "system depth" to feel like we're in the big leagues, but that is small enough that a 400-500km (ie 1-1.5hrs total) also seems "real world". On the one hand, I've flown my LevelD767 exactly once--two years ago now--because I simply don't have time to review all those procedures every time I fly (autofill FMC lines, and running onscreen checklists, like the Coolsky MD80, are the
  10. I've just downloaded the Catalina and taken a short jaunt from Ford Island out to an ocean landing (a little semi-historical verisimilitude for this first flight; though I skipped the cold start, it's 1:30 in the morning here). Fantastic! Mine is an "older" machine (Dimension 5120, 2.6G dual core, Nvidia 8600GT, Vista Home), and my frame rates were high teens, mid twenties (I'm locked at 24, scenery dense, AI in the air about 30%, on the ground about 20%, this flight took me over urban areas before heading out to sea). Turned off the engines, listened to the water lap against the hull. My
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