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  1. Final piece of information - I did not need to use the Aerosoft purchase key to make the install run. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Joe, Thank you very much, I now have FSC9 on my hard drive. Your advice was exactly right. I thought it a bit odd that, despite all the warnings about not installing into C/Prog Files, the default installation location in the set up was..C/Prog Files ! (I am using Win7) No matter, alles ist in ordung! Danke.
  3. Dear Joe, Thank you very much for your help. I have downloaded using the link you have shown - the folder you have shown is completely different to the Aerosoft FSC 9.2 download folder. This new folder contains the FSCSetup.exe file. I have to go out this evening so cannot progress now but I wil report back without fail tomorrow. I am very grateful for your prompt and useful help. Thank you.
  4. Dear Joe, Thank you for your reply. You don't know how embarassed I am to tell you this but I can't make it install. I have downloaded the folder from the Aerosoft site again just now, unzipped the download directly into my FSC folder which is located at C:/FSC. As stated before I cannot see the FSCSetup.exe file as described in the extract from the PDF file shown below "FlightSim Commander will be installed by calling FSCSetup. Follow the instructions on the screen. After the program has been successfully installed, you can start it directly from its directory by clicking on Fsc.exe or the appropriate icon." All I have are the following Folders:- Map, English Doc und Help, Tool and the following files:- FSC.exe, FSCDbManager.exe, FSCFSXCFG.exe, FSCP3DCFG.exe I have tried copying the FSC.exe file to the desktop and running it but I see a message "FS Commander file and folder structure incomplete." I should be able to install this in my sleep but for some reason I have hit a block. Can you please tell me where I am going wrong? I appreciate your help, Thank you
  5. Thank you for your reply, but where is the file? From the PDF file it says I have run the FSCSetUp file and follow the instructions. But, as previuosly described, I do not see a FSCSetUp file so I cannot run it. Hence the question. Any suggestions, please.
  6. I have been previously using FSC v 9.0 and upgraded to 9.1. I have now downloaded the new version 9.2 and to avoid any conflicts have uninstalled 9.1 and copied 9.2 into my C/FSC folder. Looking in the Installation .PDF I see a reference to a file FSCsetup, but looking at my downloaded files in my C/FSC folder I do not see this file anywhere. I have the following Folders:- Map, Support, Tool and the following files:- FSC.exe, FSCDbManager.exe, FSCFSXCFG.exe, FSCP3DCFG.exe but no FSCSetup. Can you please tell me where it is? Thank you.
  7. Dear Shaun, I am sorry but I do not understand what this means. What should I do to a) make FSX run and 'b) make the VHHX files "visible" to FSCommander? Thank you, Tregarth
  8. I looked in C:\FSX\Addon Scenery\FyTampa-HongKong and found 3 files afx_2HHX_flytampa_aiship.bgl , afx_VHHX_approach.bgl and AFX_VHHX_sdk_aerostat.bgl I moved the _approach file from the FlyTampa-HongKong scenery folder and pasted it into C\FSX\Add-on Scenery folder (ASF), closed Win Explorer and started FSX. Saw a window "Building database for new scenery files". The intro music played and then saw "Fatal Error" message. I removed the _approach file from the ASF, put it back into the Hong Kong scenery folder and restarted FSX. Now see a message "Scenery.cfg file error. Local scenery directory (addon scenery\scenery in Area.115 not found. Click on OK to continue". Clicked on OK, still have Fatal Error message. Clicked on OK in Fatal error box, Intro Music starts but after about 5-10 seconds Fatal error message re-ppears and Close Program button appears. I have looked for Area.115 in Addon Scenery but cannot find it. I am not sure what to do now. Tregarth
  9. Dear Shaun, Thanks for your help. I have looked for the Hong Komg Scenery, there are 2 folders for HK scenery; they are C:\FSX\Addon Scenery\FyTampa-HongKong and C:\FSX\Addon Scenery\FlyTampa-HongKong_LC FyTampa-HongKong contains 3 Folders, Doc, Scenery andTexture; FlyTampa-HongKong_LC contains only a scenery folder. I have searched my C driver for an AFCAD file but cannot see one. I am running FSX on my "Main" PC and FSCommander on a second PC which is networked to the Main PC, normally they work perfectly but not for Hong Kong. Should I copy one of the HK files on my Main PC into a folder in FSCommander? If so, please tell me which one. Thank you, Tregarth
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes. In fact I had run it before I updated the FSC.exe and FSCDbManager files. I updated both, ran the DB Manager with FSX running (so the programs could "talk" to each other) with the result you can see. I then ran it a second time but with no improvement. As I said before, the scenery shows in FSX and the ILS feathers show in the FSX GPS. Thank you, Tregarth
  11. I am using FSC 9 which I have just updated using the latest FSC.Exe and DBManager Files. I have installed Fly Tampa's Hong Kong add-on (distributed by Aerosoft) but I do not see the airport when I run FSC. Please see attached screen grab. The airport shows in FSX's GPS screen but not in FSC What can I do to make this airport appear, please? I am using FSX with Acceleration and Win 7. Thank you, Tregarth
  12. I cannot make saved FSC 9 flight plans, which are in FSC 9 on my Client, Acer-PC, appear in my FSX Flight Plan folder (C:\Users\Clive\My Docs\Flight Sim X files) in my Main PC. Both PC's are running Win 7 Home Premium. I have networked 2 PC's one running FSX (Clive-PC) the other FSC (Acer-PC). When I turn on the PC's and look in Network on my Acer-PC (my client PC which has FSC on it) I see a network icon with (\\Clive-PC) (Y:) Below this I see a network icon folder: Flight Simulator X Files Opening this folder I see my Saved Flight s which have been saved using the FSX Flight Planner. So it seems the 2 PC's are talking to each other OK. There is another icon in the Acer Network folder which is fsx(||Clive-PC): (Z:) Looking in FSC (on the Acer PC) in Window\Options Flight plan I have 3entries in the drop down menu. C (Acer), Y:[\\Clive-PC\Documents] Opening this I see :Y\ Flight Sim X Files, the folder is closed, double clicking on the folder opens it. There are no entries inside the folder. Z:[Clive-pC\fsx] Clicking on this shows one open folder, Flights, and 2 sub folders, “kiosk”, and “other”. None of the Radio buttons on the left side of the window are selected. If I close the Window entry on the menu bar and re-open it ( Window\Options Flight plan) the default menu is Z: [\\Clive-PC\fsx] If I open the Flight Plan list in FSC I see all the FSC saved flights but none of them appear in FSX. Checking in my FSX PC the C\Users\Clive\My Docs\FSX Files sharing has been set to \\Clive-pc\Users\clive\documents\FSX Files. The Share setting has 2 entries, Clive set to Owner and Everyone which has Read/Write permissions. The Advanced button shows Share this folder ticked, Share name is FSX, Permissions – Everyone: Full Control, Change and Read all ticked. The same settings for Administrator. I have closed both PC's and restarted them. Looking at the Acer PC in FSC I see that Window\Options Flight plan has reverted to Z:[Clive-pC\fsx] When I run the 2 PC's the moving map works perfectly so the PC's are communicating but the saved FSC flight plans still do not appear in the FSX flight plan folder. I am saving the FSC fligh tplans as FSCommander and Flight Simulator Can you please tell me how to make this happen? Thank you. Clive
  13. Dear Jim, Thanks for the help. In fact I had to sort out some security settings on my FSX folder which was not easy but someone sorted them out for me. I have now run FSC and have a message "Unable to connect to Flight Sim Msg #2". I have reported this to Herr Heine so I am hoping he can tell me where I am going wrong. Thanks again, Clive 3.87 km SW of EGTF
  14. Thanks, I have followed the instructions on pages 100 - 104 (Appendix Network) in the FSC PDF help guide to the letter. These were written for Win XP so have had to adapt them for Win 7 but on the Main (FSX containing PC) I have set FSX Properties to Network File and Folder Sharing to MS FSX - Shared and the Network Path is \\User-PC\MS FSX. Avanced Sharing Permissions is set to Everyone and Full Control is ticked. So I think that PC is OK since these are the instructions from FSC. However, on my Acer client FSC containing PC when I start up I see the screen shown in the attached ScreenGrab so I think the problem lies on the Acer. Somehow I seem to have a Network Password which I have lost or forgotten or.... I have tried all the password permutations I can think of with no luck. Do you have any ideas how I can run my PC's without this unwanted level of security? Thanks for your interest and help, Clive
  15. Dear Jim, Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I did as you said and FSC now works on my NetBook. Unfortunately, my Network is not working properly so I am still struggling. But, I will persevere. Tregarth.
  16. I have posted this question on the FlightSim Commander Help Forum but, since I bought the disc from Aerosoft, have been told to contact you for support. I have managed to install and run FlightSim Commander (v8.2) on my NetBook by copying the files from my Main PC using a file transfer cable, since my NetBook does not have a disc drive. I have linked the 2 PC's together wirelessly and now have the folders showing on both PC's which are running Win 7 Home Premium. I have FSX on my main PC I have run FSC Database Manager on my Client / NetBook PC. The left "Select Flight Sim path here" window is active and shows Z:[\\User-PC\Microsoft ...]. The right "Select scenery Library path here" window is greyed out, but also shows Z:[\\User-PC\Microsoft ...]. Next to it in red is "FS X directory Please copy scenery.cfg from your windows system drive as scenerycfg.fsc to your FSX path." (The Main PC is designated as Main-PC, the NetBook is User-PC.) I have found the scenery.cfg file in C\Program Data\Microsoft\ so I can do that but what is the path for "FSX Path"? This must be in the Main-PC C drive, but I am not clear on exactly where to put it (!) Thank you for your help, Yours sincerely, Tregarth
  17. Thank you for these replies; I will certainly have a look at them.
  18. As a comment, I started flying at school as an Air Cadet and gained my Glider A and B certificates at RAF Hendon. When I started working I learnt to fly a Beagle Pup 100 and gained a PPL. When that became too expensive (and work / life commitments interfered) I later started "flying" with FS95 and now have FSX so my skills have developed along with my PC spec. (I now run a dual core machine with TripleHead2Go and Track IR). I still enjoy following the FSX tutorials, I know they are over-simple but they are still enjoyable. I have completed the gliding tutorial a few times and still find the initial aero tow a challenge. I notice many have referred to weather simulation; I would be interested in a "Gliding Weather" simulation so I could use the FS glider at, say, Dunstable Downs or Lasham (both UK gliding centres)or Minden NV and practice flying by searching for the thermals etc rather than flying toward the large green spirals which show in FSX. I understand why they are there, but now I have completed the flight I would like to do more than simply repeat it. Could "Gliding Weather" be incorporated into the new sim? I will continue with the rest of the tutorials simply for the pleasure and challenge of using them. But "Gliding Weather" would be very good.
  19. Is there any way to make the characters on the HUD brighter and more legible? I find that flying in daylight with the HUD brigtness setting on DAY the characters are very faint and difficult to read. I am using update 1.21 so I don't think I am using out of date software. Thank you.
  20. Dear Shaun, Thank you for all your help. I have now installed Eurowings using the latest version of FSUIPC for FS2004. All 3 planes on the disc installed OK but when I tried to run the BAe 146 I could not find the Virtual Cockpit. The 2D cockpit is present but as I am using a Matrox Triplehead2Go screen extender the image is not really usable. In all other add-ons (including PMDG's 747) switching to VC solves the problem, but not this time. Do you have any ideas, please? Thank you
  21. I have recently bought a new PC which is running Vista Home Premium; I have also installed FS2004 which runs satisfactorily. But when I try to install Eurowings 2004 version 3.0 I see a message "FSUIPC has a problem. The version of 2004 detected is not compatible with this version of FSUIPC. It is build 9.01.40901. You need the current version of FS 2004. Check the help about. The build should be 9.00.30612." With other add-ons I have had to navigate to the FS9 folder but this FSUIPC problem will not let me do this. Can anyone please tell me how I can install Eurowings into FS2004 on a Vista OS machine? Thank you.
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