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  1. Hi, I just saw a Video of a Gamecom Demo of ZuSi 3 and found it really interresting, do you plan on any official previews on that title? I am eager to learn more about it. EDIT: This Video I saw: thanks, br alex
  2. Bernd, ich hab den 16000er HOTAS und keine Probleme in P3Dv4. Installiere den Driver der dabei ist und ignoriere die Target GUI komplett. Danach kannst du alle Controller in P3D direkt zuweisen, das funktioniert großartig out of the Box. Bernd, i have this HOTAS and no Issues what so ever with it in P3Dv4. I have installed just the hardware driver and NOT the Target GUI it came with. Afterwards, just assign every function in P3Dv4 natively - it just works - regardless of 2 USB Inputs. Happy flying.
  3. Any chance of a fictional Austrian Repaint? Like the crj200 they had: or a Tyrolean fictional like the crj200:
  4. Danke für die Info, wird bestimmt spannedn Thanks for Information, looking forward to it
  5. Don'T you ever get snowblind making this scenery, Sascha? -g-Looking very good, I have to say
  6. When this comes out, I'll buy it, since I need a new destination for my NGX which should arrive next week
  7. Thanks Thorsten, finally. Do you know if there will be a package with this Airport and your Iceland X?
  8. Wow definitely will get that one - looks very nice and it is a new region to explore
  9. Sry weiß grad echt nicht was du meinst, Screenshot wäre hilfreich
  10. Wie links abbiegen? Der Zug muss ja abbiegen um auf das Abstellgleis zu gelangen?
  11. Nice job, Thorsten. Can't wait for the FSX shots Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk
  12. Otto, it may be because most og the users had typed Vienna in the Map and now all 4 Pins are on the same spot. I typed in Vienna, Am Spitz and my Pin is not directly in the City Center
  13. I did not mean the Icons before Threads - I think these are great. I meant the one in the main view: These are grey/white symbols, although there is new stuff in it to read for me
  14. Is it just me, or is it normal that the new Icons are white/grey in the main view? Before that, coloured Icons marked new posts in a specific subforum, now there are only white Icons - which are a little bit confusing for me.
  15. Thanks for that update - although I haven't flown in the last 6-9 months in FSX, I guess I start again with andras field here
  16. Good to see - looking forward to it
  17. Thanks for letting us now about FSDT KLAS - now you have a customer for this one
  18. hey great - I think this will be my first US cities X Product - if it is compatible to my FSDT KLAS
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