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  1. Ok, well, that didn't work. I even removed and re-installed FSX (and believe me, that's time consuming; i OWN hundreds of add-ons, planes, choppers, scenery etc..). I'm very sad about this, i really like the Wilga but now what? Anybody else had this thing work pefectly and then boom, broken? Or did i suddently went senile and can't read a check list anymore? (careful Snave ).
  2. Darn, i was afraid you were going to say that. I mean, i hope that A2A doesn't interfere with the Wilga. Yeah, i can try that, i'll keep you guys posted. Al.
  3. Ok, did a full re-install, no dice. ???????? i'm stumped.
  4. So, ddeuce, do you know Major Marshall Harrison? Well, i guess, more than likely...
  5. Wow, tx for the pictures raymar! I hope some talented nice dude is going to make all of them! (hint hint ddeuce!)
  6. No, no, i triple checked my starting procedures, it turns over but won't go. But i tried a "repair" style (lazy?) re-install, but i wonder if that's good enough. I guess i'll bite the bullet and do a full "remove" and then a real re-install. I'll let you guys know. Tx, Al. P.S. I wish i'd still look like my avatar...
  7. Nah, i tried prime, prime a lot, prime a bit, prime like mad, and that's after reloading in same situation (weather, airport etc.).
  8. Hi all! A little strange here but since couple days ago, i just can't start my Wilga X. Everything was fine before and i flew the bird many times: no issue. I made sure there was fuel, i tried all the models, load Wilga first, then after i load default cessna, good weather, bad weather, review starting procedurs again and again: won't start. Oh, the engine turns over and even farts a bit but won't start. The only change since i flew it is i purchased A2A spit, P-40 and P-47 all in one shot (i will get in trouble later with my wife). I wonder if that corrupted the Wilga somehow? Anybody else have this issue? (not with the wife, with the Wilga!) Tx in advance. Al.
  9. Merci beaucoup Aerosoft! A very nice surprise indeed. You guys are my favorite flightsim publisher by a long strecht. Happy New Year from French Canada!
  10. Ok. I purchased the Twotter some time ago. We were flying that bird usualy as a SAR plane in the RCAF. So if i get this right, the skis are animated going up or down around the wheels on the ski/wheel version using the gear button? P.S. I've seen a pilot taking off at CFB Namao (Edmonton, Alberta) in very strong wind, pulled some of the power off until he was mostly stationary 50ft above the runaway to the dismay of the ATC guys! True story!
  11. I too bought the twotter thru AVSIM and i redownloaded it this morning and it is version 1.20 now. They keep their stuff updated but it takes a couple more days after a new version has been released.
  12. Ok, but i meant raising the skis so the wheels stick out or lowering the skis so only they touch the ground. I do believe there is such a thing, but i never flown an airplane with such equipment, so.
  13. So, i just got the new Antarctica X scenery and i'm flying the Twotter. Marvelous! But i can't find info about the skis, like, can you raise/lower them? For the life off me, i can't find anything in the manual or on the forum. I'm sure something is written about that but i can't find it. Any help is appreciated.
  14. If you would like to fly back in the Vietnam war era, try this site for great downloads:http://vietnamwar.project.free.fr/, of course it will be better when we get the right version/repaint! Don't forget to make sure all your traffic is fsx only and not a mix of fs9 and fsx; otherwise all your traffic will disappear. I use AIFP2 for that purpose. Cheers!
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