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  1. does anyone know if CRJ has been updated in the ms store , it's just that I'm not at the computer thanks 🤔
  2. ребята, когда выйдет CRJ, кто-нибудь сможет сделать такую ливрею? Заранее спасибо. 😊
  3. Ну, скажите нам хотя бы, когда выход CRJ будет утром, обедом или вечером 16.03 😁😊
  4. And I'm thinking of flying on a training flight on the route UUEE-ULLI 😎
  5. guys, when the CRJ comes out, can someone make such a livery. ☺️
  6. I have no performance problems with the latest simulator update, my system is i5 9600k 32gb rtx 2070, so we are waiting for the CRJ output , LOL 😏
  7. hi and this livery will be included in the release, thank you
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