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  1. Mine was bought directly from your shop and it still won't let me.
  2. I don't think it is the sexiest plane alive but it is pretty. It has some huge engines though. I personally think the F-22 is the sexiest plane ever made. (covers face and prepares for stoning)
  3. I want to apologize to anyone I offended in my last few posts. I am in the fighting mood so I don't mean some of the things I have posted. I am going to stop posting until I cool down a bit. I look forward to seeing your Huey and seeing if there is anything that would warrent me to purchase yours as well as the Milviz one. Already you have more liveries than the Milviz/ND one so keep it up!
  4. I merely asked him how the AS Huey would be different and he said modeling. I read a former post and it said this helo will be mostly modeling and as much systems so I wanted to know what the differences would be. He then tells me they lost me as a customer which is very obviously not true since I have bought 6 AS planes in the past (one of which I am still waiting for support). I thought it was disrespectful and if you don't, that is your opinion. I like forward to seeing how much better the modeling will be than the Milviz one. I do love this helo so I hope I will have grounds to buy it.
  5. I would appreciate some respect from you. I have bought 6 addon planes from you so It is very inappropriate of you to be making fun like that. Yous is not even done so I don't know how you can justify yours so early. The Milviz Huey is very well modeled and it is no secret that Dodosim is a bunch of geniuses when it comes to code. I asked a simple question and you reacted in a completely inappropriate manner. I am extremely offended. I am guessing you will pile as many poly's as possible into this thing and call it good modeling. We will see.
  6. My problem is that it isnt accepting my serial or email or something. I will not bother sending a screeny as it is not necessary.
  7. I just bought the BeaverX from your shop and it won't let me get into the updates section to download updates for it. I out in my Serial and email and it says they are wrong. Help!
  8. So is the ND/Milviz one, and I'm sure the Dodosim will be even better, along with in depth systems too. From posts I have read, this Huey is sounding exactly like the Milviz/ND one. What are you doing to set yours apart?
  9. What is going to set this Huey apart from the other two that are either out, or in the works? I greatly enjoy the Milviz/ND Huey but the systems aren't very in depth. The Dodosim Huey is of course going to be epic, but it will also most likely be very expensive. What is going to set this Huey apart from both the Milviz/ND Huey and the Dodosim Huey?
  10. Hi All, I just bought the Twin Otter X package for FSX and I have a question. I notice in the updates that 1.11 is a whole new installer. I also saw there was a texture fix and the Aerosoft Sound Control. Are these still necessary with 1.11 or does it include these? Thanks!
  11. 1) A dedicated 7200 rpm drive used solely for games. F/FSX 2) Windows Vista 64 bit SP1 3) Yes I am the only account on this computer and I am an admin. 4) I disabled it long ago.
  12. I recently decided to remove the contrails because they showed up on some planes that shouldn't have contrails. I deleted the contrail effects and textures and it seems to have worked pretty well. Now I see that there is a black smoke contrail on my Aerosoft F-16 when I am at a high altitude and I don't use Afterburner. it looks like this. http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq322/R...pg?t=1244682382 So I was wondering if there was an effect or texture i could remove to premanately get rid of this smoke.
  13. no, please don't waste any time "fixing" this. I was just curious as to why that was and I figured it had to be a more complex model or something. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I have bought this plane and I love it but I do have one question. I have a pretty high end system with a Q9550 oc'd to 3.4, 8 gigs of ram, and a gtx 260. I get 35 fps locked on almost all of the models but I have found that on the Pensacola model my fps drops to like 26-28 and I have no idea why. I can get perfect fps on every model except the pensacola. Any idea why?
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