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  1. I know the product is still in development and not too long ago the prop arc had both a spinning blur and still prop blades. I just hope in the final version, when the props are spinning at high rpm, they are invisible to so hard to see as that seems to be a better visual of a spinning prop then the dark blur circles. Once again, I know these are WIP shots and in so, not what the final version is. Just wanted to provide feedback of the one thing that really stands out to me.
  2. http://twinotterarchive.com/372_N24RM_D_Dunsmore_YYC_30081985_mjo_1024a.jpg I would love to see a Rocky Mountain Airways livery http://twinotterarchive.com/DHC-6_372.html#N24RM_30081985 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Mountain_Airways
  3. Here in the US its got to be 9 pax and under and a working auto pilot. If the AP is InOp then its required to have a second pilot for Part 135 Ops.
  4. Will the flightdeck have a door to the cockpit? If not like the current version, can Passengers be added? Maybe not a full flight but at least a few so its not always a deadhead flight. I know years ago PMDG did that with their JetStream41 and as the user added passengers to the load sheet by the pilots left window clipboard, the pax would show or disappear in real time seen both inside the plane and through the windows from the outside. Another thing might be to have the model wear a oxygen mask when above a certain alt since the planes can go high and work in that kind of terrain but not pressurized. It just pops on and off when the plane crosses a set altitude.
  5. Sunglasses will help with the no blinking part. Optional would obviously be ideal but if not then yes to a Co-Pilot over no Co-Pilot. Ideally there should be a few sets of models for the various environments, Bush Attire, Caribbean Attire, Charter/Airline Attire, Expedition Attire (even if as an addon package DLC).
  6. Really looking forward to what you guys will do building upon the awesome Twotter X. A couple of suggestions from a very active user of your Twotter X in P3Dv3 still. 1) Consider a couple different pilot sets of Bush Pilots, Island Hopper Pilots (casual button down and shorts), Expedition Pilots (cold weather) and traditional airline pilots which can be selected from the config page like how one can set the plane to start in Cold and Dark or ready for taxi. 2) Have that checklist manual in the pilot side door pocket as a clickable item to open and close the 2D panel. 3) Swivel-able map lights. 4) While there is no current GTN 750/650 addons, I'm sure there will be so go ahead and make a panel for a 750/650 and 750/430 configurations for when there is. 5) Headphone mode using the Bose A20 which really cuts down the sound when on. 6) A Rocky Mountain Airways livery 7) Consider having audio for all checklist items for when the pilot/user right clicks on the checklist item, it would be like the Pilot calling to the Co-Pilot to perform the action. So left click and if green okay, if red the user performs the action to make it green and if the user right clicks on it, the items is announced and you see the action happen as if the Co-Pilot is preforming it. Please keep the Fuel Planner loader and flight recorder features as well as the icing build up with possible improvements like being able to de-ice prior to take off.
  7. With the coming year and a few new sims on the horizon, I really hope that Aerosoft is seriously considering bring this plane into them with a few new improvements. Namely PBR, dynamic lighting and GTN750. This plane is a beaut in VR, has many great features and with the ability to land almost anywhere and haul a good amount of cargo and pax, it has so many reasons to own and fly it. I understand there are limitation in Tprops but hopefully MSFS2020 might offer a few improvements in this area.
  8. 1) The volume knobs on the comm radios work and allow you to have ATIS on one down low and a controller on the other with the volume high so when they talk it sounds over ATIS. 2) FSS allows you to open your VFR flightplan, pick up flight flow and the controllers will hand you off to your destination tower controller. Right now, the way it works, is if you have flight flow, and arrive in the destination tower airspace you are not handed off to tower. 3) Allow a buffer zone around an airspace that once your in that zone you get an option to request to enter that airspace. Way it is now, that option only comes available when you have already entered it. At least make this an option for Class B airspace and you could use the 30nm veil around it. 4) When creating a flight plan, be able to set the parking area of the destination airport. Let it be GA ramp, Terminal, Cargo area. Right now all you can pick is the airport and when you get handed to ground they direct you to the first available spot based on the order of parking spot in the AFCAD file. It would be nice to be able to pick the terminal (like Terminal B ) but not the gate as AI might already be there. 5) Write the code so that it can be backed up easily. It would be nice if I could make a external drive or CD back up of the main FS folder and if I have to replace my drive, I could put it back without any problems. This includes all addons. The way I see it working is to reinstall it, I would have to register it and every time I went to reinstall it, I would have to call or online do it so that illegal copies arent made. It would be well worth the effort since I dont do that but in the event I do I could just add the folder and be done with it after I contact you.
  9. Will keep it short. 1) Pilot controlled lighting. 2) In FS2000 when at the fringes of picking up ATIS there was a lot of static and the closer you got to the airport the clearer the sound. This, to me, was a great feature but might of got lost when in FS2002 we got AI and ATC. Would love to see that back in a sim. 3) Wake turbulence. 4) AI sounds. There was a payware addon for FS2002 and FS2004 that gave great addon sounds to AI traffic called FShostseat FX. Its no longer available but was the prefect addon to make AI traffic more alive. 5)one thing that has always bothered me about FS is the VASI lights are so bright and unrealistic. Would much more enjoy dim and realistic approach lighting. 6) Flashlight feature for inside dark cockpits. Have a hotkey that provides a flashlight effect where you point your mouse. 7) The aiport beacon (green and white lights) in real life from far away and in flight look like strobes and not slow turning lights. Can be seen much further out then any other airport lighting too. 8) The ability to not be the plane but a person to explore an airport or a/c. 9) In FSCargo they have a opening screen that depending on where you click opens up anew menu. Would much more perfer this as a main menu screen then the "create a flight" or "Free Flight" menu we have now. Make it a FBO lounge or airline pilot lounge and mixed it up so there are a various amount so each airport is different. Maybe like the tower view in FSX where the outside window shows the outside airport of that airport. In the office you have hot spots to click that open up sub menus. The clock changes the time, the map changes the airport location, the calendar on the wall changes the date, the phone allows you to file a flight plan, the radio allows you order fuel via Unicom, the filecase does something, the door starts the flight and puts the pilot a few hundred feet outside of the plane where they walk to the plane and can get in once by the door. WHen a pilot is ready to end a flight, after landing, they open the door, push the same key stroke to exit the plane, again will close the door and can walk away from the plane. Once they reach a set distance from the plane, the flight ends and the FBO office (main menu) loads where they can click on the filecase and save the flight and exit the sim. Hope some of these ideas help.
  10. Thanks Finn I updated the OP header to reflect Aerosofts intense desire to provide the most realistic plane to date!
  11. Thanks for the info. All makes sense and enjoy the fact that you kept the realism even though it looks wrong. Gives the Cat more of a personality. Now if we could just model all those new features into your Beaver *wink* *wink*
  12. So far and loving the new bird but found two items that seem to be wrong. In the interactive check list on the before taxi for fuel pressure the word check is mispelled like chekc. Next thing that seems odd is when you push the brakes (using CH Products pedal) the left seat side seems to work correctly in the 3d moving part where they move back but the right seat (co-pilot side) the brakes move forward?! Lastly, it would be nice if we could get a recommends sound setting level for the sliders in FSX based on the real life Cat owners who helped build and test this bird. The engine and enviroment levels that best match the real thing along with the other sliders. Thank you. Nathan
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