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  1. I would like to confirm that NORTON did remove my ASUpdater for the A318, and all i did since Tom mentioned it, was to go to resolved quarantine files in my Norton(or your Security Software) and restore plus add to exceptions, and you are good to go, AS Updater will reappear in your folder, and if you accidentally erased the shortcut, use the find folder from one of the other shortcuts(configurator etc) Cheers
  2. I love the new soon i realized that the bundle was also for purchase, i plunged into the right for the future A320/321, and got my shiny baby A318...updated navi, littlenavmap...downloaded the 4.3 Activesky...and as the small download ended, fired it up, in the night skies of Thessaloniki...LGTS to LGAV, where some of my more expensive addons this year failed to follow the lnav, or new shiny, full of colors, power and functions bus, from 23000 on ablo1p, descended to 03R graciously without me having to adjust nothing but the flaps, and the gear down....-29 Landing Rate on ProjectFly...and i am a very very happy customer, that i trusted and followed the right developer, the right bus, and my hunch that is mostly right, for Olympus and the Gods are on your watch Aerosoft, Well Done. Bravo, you have released the King of the Buses, for a King is always modest and never or seldom pompous...Bravo!
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