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  1. Thank you for the informations and help. Will there be then a new update for the installer if its fixed? best regards.
  2. Is the problem because i have more then 1 Account in Windows?
  3. could you maybe please send me the installed files ? i could then drop it to Community folder. Thank you
  4. ok i found now the UserCfg file. should i do something with it?
  5. could someone send me the files via mega that i can drop into community folder ? Thank you. i mean the files that are already in the community folder, not the exe file.
  6. still the same, i followed your steps.
  7. i dont have this file
  8. i tested first with Mega then G drive.
  9. i cant even run the exe ?
  10. i have this problem please help. tested already 2 times.
  11. same problem pls help Gamepass edition
  12. Hallo, ich brauche Hilfe. Ich bekomme diese Meldung? MfG
    Thanks it worked but in the cockpit the textures are black!
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