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  1. Hello all, i got a werid Problem with the Lufthansa A321 that uses IAE. When i try to get to taxi speed and im pushing the throttle up there is no response from the Engines coming. I can only get faster by putting the Thrust levelers to the MAN Position. With other Aircrafts that are using CFM i didnt noticed that. What could cause this Problem? Im using the lastest non Experimental Version.
  2. I had the same Problem that after i completed my first Flight that suddenly after the pushback was done that after "After Engie Start" Checklist went everything black on the MCDU and Main Display the only help was to load the Turn around State and put the whole Flightplan back... (Version was the current expermential)
  3. Hi Hanse, i did some testflights and from them i can tell you the following: If you're doing the Go Around only about 700 feet with flaps and the gear out everything works fine but if you're doing a Go Around very early (only Flaps 1) you will get stuck again at Go Around Active. But sometimes in IVAO you need to do a early Go Around or if you see that you're really coming too high in.
  4. Hello, i had now a Problem that the Checklist was Stuck at Go Around Active (i had this Problem in the old Airbus too) So i was noticing that i was a far way too high for a Landing in Munich so i put the Thrust Levelers at around 3800ft in the TOGA Position and the Pilot and Co Pilot where saying Go Ground and the Go Around Active was in the Infobar. After reaching the Missed Approach Alt at 5000ft nothing happend and the Go Around Active was still displaying and it didnt changed to Climb or Continue. So what did i wrong?
  5. i got this too yesterday on colonge and hannover that the airbus does a very sharp turn before the glideslope starts and so he's missing it and i had to fly it manually to the ground
  6. Here's the answer from the FSDreamteam about it: So either a user, aerosoft or maybe fsdreamteam are needed for create a config.
  7. Oh.. i thought there where the lights for the Displays and not for the FCU
  8. Hello, i tired now on my flight from Frankfurt to Athen almost every switch to light up the Part of the Cockpit with the Autopilot but no one worked expect for the Floodlight for the whole Cockpit. Where can find the correct Switch to light up the Bar with the Autopilot etc.?
  9. Hello all, which is the prefeered Zoomlevel in the VC for 1080p?
  10. Oh ok i was putting them into the wrong Folder now it has worked.
  11. Hello all, the new Airbus is very nice but now i have two Questions: 1. Has the Flightplan Format changed from the old FSX Airbus ? 2. Can i use Custom Routes from Simbrief that are in the .flp format ? Im asking this because the Route wasnt automatically loading. Best Regards, Aurrias
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