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  1. Thanks for your work John!,know you said it would be last update from you but is it possible for you to upload the beautiful colored Air Jamaica paints if not I understand and thanks again for your work
  2. Thanks to all the repainters for their hard work,looking forward to the Air Jamaica paints the most John^_^
  3. Don't forget one of the most beautiful livery in the sky : Air Jamaica !! the new paint scheme and the old one with the flag on the engine
  4. Well since it is a competition I would think there will be a prize
  5. WOW dude this shot is awesome thanks for my new desktop wallpaper
  6. Hope im not too late cause its not june1st where i live we are 1 hour behind anyways here is my picneed another escort mr president .
  7. Wow that was quick i have windows 7 beta and its the latest version and its not due to windows 7 because i ran the installer for fs9 and it was working with no problem
  8. I know that aerosoft has nothing to do with this tool for fsx but i have a problem .I want to make videos about some of aerosoft's awesome products BUT fsrecorder is not working.The reason i posted it in this forum is because there are alot of programmers/people that knows alot about computers so anyways this is what i did.I installed it using the autoinstaller then i opened fsx,ten i am prompt to trust fsrecorder so i clicked yes then when i went to addons tab in fsx i dont see fsrecorder i only see leveldsimulations and pmdg simulations and walk and follow but no fsrecorder please help thanks
  9. AH bit off topic but cool SASA you are from the Caribbean too ,greetings from Jamaica
  10. Ok it was worth a try i really hope you guys make plans in the future or talk to another company who works close to you anyways continue your great work
  11. Hey aerosoft development team i just want to say thank you for all these wonderful products.I just want to make 1 tiiiiny request could you guys think you can develop a scenery for my small little country JAMAICA .It is represented very poorly in fsx i think the airports are represented better in fs9 but the airports here got some major improvement and i would love for aerosoft to create them because you guys are of top quality and if you guys can do manhattanX and indianopolisX i think you can create the whole island of jamaica if not the 2 international airports will be really appreciated .This is how poorly Norman Manely airport in fsx is and here is a link on how it looks now
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