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  1. Well, you just edit the parking place you just arrived. It takes 30s and then once done, GSX will relaod the vehicule animation... No need to modify 1200 positions at once.... While we are talking about requests, I would like AES to have this feature to indicate the free parking spots while we request the follow-me vehicule.... Even better, indicating us the free parking spots available for the airlines we fly... That is something really great.... Too often, you request a parking and then at the final turn, discover that the spot you requested is already taken by an AI aircraft....
  2. Downloaded, still on my computer but don't use it anymore (or maybe once a month)..... Reasons? Very nice, very good fps, not so much an arcade game.... But the main drawback is that the area covered is too limited and after a few hours, free flight with no goal becomes boring.... Add-ons seems very expensive and just to still have a limited area... So far, the survey indicates that most people did the same.... It is just that Flight is not for us FS9/FSX users.... Now, I just hope for Microsoft that they found a new generation of users because they won't catch a lot of FS9/FSX users....
  3. yep, this is something I've seen too. Follow me car accelerate then stop to wait for the plane then accelerate again.... rince & repeat... And as you say, it never used to happen before 2.21... Was something changed there? It would be nice to have it as it was before 2.21
  4. Sure but Virtualli also are developpers and need food on their table.... I really think Aerosoft & Oliver have to rethink their strategy for FSX.... I won't talk about FS9 because AES has a monopoly. But for FSX, Virtually shaked the table badly.... I was a FS9 user and have more than 15 AES packs.... But I'm progressively switching to FSX and it really might change the deal.... I haven't bought GSX yet but I start to wonder if it is still worth it to spend around $7 for every airport just to have animated jetways when GSX can do almost all the other "work" for a one $30 buy, coverin
  5. Well, I have FS9 KMCI with AES 2.12 I tested all the gates you mentioned and have no problems at all. So something must be wrong on your side.
  6. Oliver, Would be nice if you would translate your notes and share them with us here on the english AES sub-forums... Not all your custumers have german as their native language.... Anyway, congrats for your works and as seen on the pictures, the new features seems great.
  7. Hello, Downloaded and installaed the Aerosoft appliction on my iphone directly from the Apple store. Seems really interresting but unfortunately it seems the application is in german. how can I tune it in english? Thanks
  8. That is their business.... If they think they don't want AES for their sceneries..... For sure, I will never buy one Blueprint scenery and that is my business....
  9. Great news Shaun. Thanks for your fast answer
  10. Thank you very much Oliver!!!! Great also to see very nice freeware airports like Bucharest and Tunis added and for zero credit!!!!!
  11. Thanks for you answer. I assume you mean Cloud9. Anyway, it would be cool as soon as it will be possible, to have a clear answer and not only a guess. I wouldn't want to buy cloud9 now if a new up to date scenery will be available in a few months.... Regards, Steph
  12. Shaun, Do you know already for sure if the new EHAM will be available for FS9 too? Thanks.
  13. In my case, no matter the gate and not matter the airplane, all jetways seems not to work.
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