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  1. Coded it as an executable aswell ( METAR and TAF Retriever.exe
  2. Hi everyone, I created a simple Batch script that allows you to query up-to-date METAR and TAF reports. I use it because its way faster than looking it up in your browser. Ill attach the .bat file. All you need to do is double click it, then enter your ICAO Code (MUST BE IN CAPS!!!) and youll get all the necessary data. metar.taf.bat
  3. ive set my ETD to 22 UTC but still didnt work. anyway, i never fly at night, so i actually dont need NTFSR.
  4. tested it on 1.28.9i, still not working. It's not crashing anymore, but it still doesn't give me any route via the NTFSR, even though it's the shortest route available
  5. Alright, ill try to use 1.28.9i And yes, i always update my RAD database but there is missing all NTFSR and some DCTs in Europe anyway. Also, very complex restrictions are not included, but i guess thats because of the limitations of PFPX
  6. hello all, unfortunately PFPX is missing like 95% of all DCT and especially NTFSR in Europe, so I need to add the most important ones on my own. However, doing this will cause PFPX either to crash when i force it to plan via the NTFSR or it'll just ignore the Route and say there's no route via the Waypoints that i want PFPX to plan via. Here's my example: A flight from The Canaries to northern Europe (eg Sweden, norway etc) which will enter the french airspace at 22:00 UTC can use the NTFSR DELOG DCT TIRAV DCT GONEK DCT TABOV which has a range of FL305 to FL500 and is valid from 22 to 05 UTC. So i add the directs DELOG DCT TIRAV; TIRAV DCT GONEK; GONEK DCT TABOV manually and so far, everything works. The dct routes show up on PFPX. Now I add the Route Restrictions to tell PFPX that i may only use this NTFSR when being over FL305 and below 500, this works aswell. But when i now try to generate a route from GC** to EN** or ES** via DELOG; TIRAV and GONEK, it either crashes sometimes or it doesnt give me any route and stops searching. So my question is, how can i fix this or is this actually normal? I added a picture of the proposed route which is not the NTFSR obviously but an unflyable route and a photo of the route restricitons that ive added manually too
  7. ill do another longhaul fly by the end of may and then we'll see if it works
  8. i dont know whether im allowed to post about pmdg here, but i really want to find someone to help me... so during all my longhaul flights that ive done so far with the pmdg 777, my P3D started to lag after flying for about 5 or 6hrs. It doesnt crash (at least not immediately), but it starts to load for about 10 to 15 seconds (during this time the flight is stopped or paused), then it works again for maybe 5 seconds. Then it loads again for 15 seconds and stops, then works again and so on and so on. it certainly is not possible to continiue a flight when having such sort of lags or stutters. I have checked my event manager after experiencing this problem but I didnt found anything there. I have also done quite long flights with the pmdg 737 (with turnarounds) and have never experienced such a problem. I would be very glad if someone could help me because i really like the pmdg 777 and would love to succesfully complete one long haul flight with it.
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