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  1. I seriously hope that this thread is not dead and we will get a new dll or some other type of update from Hans. I have been struggling with this stuttering to the point that I actually never completed a single full flight with the CRJ. As the flight progresses it gets more and more, and it is not enjoyable. I am so happy to see that people are bring this issue up. Fixing it would be amazing.
  2. I can also confirm that the new DLL file does help a bit but there is still stuttering. When I disable the panels from the options the stuttering is gone. I don't see any difference with the EFB started or stopped.
  3. Good to know. Thanks for the info. I will give try to remove what I don't need and see how it goes. Thanks for your great help.
  4. Ben, this got it working. I now have huge mixup of buttons and also the LED lights are ON which is the expected behavior. Thank you! Can you maybe clarify what was wrong in case it happens again to know how to fix? Do I understand correctly that now I have to go to the configurator and find the button that I want to delete then delete the variable and save in order to remove the buttons that I don't want? Many thanks
  5. Hi Ben, I did everything from scratch. I am 100% that I am working with the Bravo in the configurator. I have ACTIVATED PMDG. I have imported and loaded the profile for the NGXu Loaded up the SIM. I went to Add-ons -> Honeycomb -> BGC_Throttle - ReLoad Bindings. I see 67 text in the green line 67 bindings successful for the NGXu In the cockpit of the NGXu, the only thing I noticed working from the NGXU profile is the Trim Wheel, which BTW I have NOT assigned neither in FSUIPC or LINDA. Another words the trim wheel buttons are available
  6. Ben, thanks for clearing this out. I am sorry if I confused you with the alpha. I am almost certain that I have activated the profile the PMDG NGXu for the Bravo. This is why I cannot understand what is going on. I think I am doing everything as per instructions. I will try again from scratch and let you know shortly.
  7. Ben, I am sorry but I got a bit confused now. The profile for the NGXu with the link you posted is the one that I've been activating but again nothing works. In your post you said: Do I understand correctly that there are two profiles that needs to be active? Profile NGXu and Profile BFC_Throttle?
  8. Hi Ben, Thanks for your help. That might have been the problem in first place. So to be sure I need to activate not only PMDG NGXu profile but also BFC Throttle which comes be default with the configurator? One more thing. Can you possibly suggest what would be the easiest way to setup the bravo throttle only for the autopilot control and LED lights as I stated in my first post? I understand there will be a huge mix up of controls if the Bravo actually starts working correct?
  9. Hi, I am facing a problem with the Honeycomb Configurator. I have followed everything in this thread I Activate PMDG in the configurator, load a bravo throttle profile for the PMDG NGXu, and Activate current profile, then start P3D 5.1, I go to Add-Ons -> Honeycomb -> AFC_Yoke - Reload Bindings and I do see the NGXu profile active. However, not a single button works on the brav. Also, the LED lights are not working. I am trying to achieve this combination with Axis configured in FSUIPC, some custom buttons and functions in LINDA, and I ONLY want to get the A
  10. Okay, It seems I am having the same problem with Genf on v5. I wonder if a fix will be provided with the updater or a new version released? I really don't want to do all these workarounds. I would like to have a normal working scenery as it was before.
  11. Right. So it looks like something is wrong in Simbrief because the exported plan does not match the routing listed there. SOBR6N SOBRA Y180 DIK UN857 NOLSA UN10 GARVU UN857 BANEV BANE3B This is the routing for EDDF - LEMD for example.
  12. Hi Hans, Here are 2 flightplans I generated today with Simbrief. Both of them have the same problem. Thanks for looking into it! EDDFLEMD.flpEDDFLEBL.flp
  13. Hi, It looks like when loading exported FPLN (*.flp) with simbrief the airways are missing. I only get DIRECT to each waypoint. Any idea why is this happening and how I can fix it? Thanks
  14. Well, happy to hear that I'm not the only on here with this problem.
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