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  1. Right. So it looks like something is wrong in Simbrief because the exported plan does not match the routing listed there. SOBR6N SOBRA Y180 DIK UN857 NOLSA UN10 GARVU UN857 BANEV BANE3B This is the routing for EDDF - LEMD for example.
  2. Hi Hans, Here are 2 flightplans I generated today with Simbrief. Both of them have the same problem. Thanks for looking into it! EDDFLEMD.flpEDDFLEBL.flp
  3. Hi, It looks like when loading exported FPLN (*.flp) with simbrief the airways are missing. I only get DIRECT to each waypoint. Any idea why is this happening and how I can fix it? Thanks
  4. Well, happy to hear that I'm not the only on here with this problem.
  5. Yes I do use Envshade but I've tested restoring the original shaders and the problem is still there. This is interesting as I have the FSLabs bus and PMDG 747, all lighting is working without any problems in V5.
  6. @JRBarrett Hi, I've checked all files in the FX folder. They are exactly 431. The files you have listed are also present My GPU is: RTX2080Ti and driver version is the latest 446.14. I've also cleared the shaders but it didn't help. Any further help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hans, it is v5 HF2 as I stated in the title. I will check thr solution from JRBarret and report. Thanks
  8. I am having this problem that landing lights do not illuminate ground. Looking from the outside I can barely see some light on the ground. Inside cockpit everything looks correct. So far I have checked that Dynamic LIghting is on, Effects are enabled on medium. I am not having this problem with any other aircraft in v5. Any help would be appreciated Screenshots:
  9. Yes, exactly I saw the same. It is my understanding that with the new installer wil be fixed as well. I hope I am right.
  10. Look like I cannot msg you privately. I am attaching the file here. Please let me know thanks. add-ons.cfg
  11. I have this Chinese stuff as well and its in ORBX Terraflora entry. PATH=D:\Orbx\p3dv5\Global TerraFlora v2 ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false ਍偛捡慫敧㈮崷਍䅐䡔䐽尺㍐癄‵楁灲牯獴匠散敮祲䑜湹浡捩䐠獩汰祡䔠杮湩൥吊呉䕌䄽牥獯景⁴祄慮業楄灳慬⁹湅楧敮਍䍁䥔䕖琽畲൥刊充䥕䕒㵄慦獬൥嬊慐正条⹥㜲൝倊呁㵈㩄停䐳㕶䄠物潰瑲⁳捓湥牥屹祄慮業楄灳慬⁹湅楧敮਍䥔䱔㵅敁潲潳瑦䐠湹浡捩䐠獩汰祡䔠杮湩൥䄊呃噉㵅牴敵਍䕒啑剉䑅昽污敳਍偛捡慫敧㈮崷਍䅐䡔䐽尺㍐癄‵楁灲牯獴匠散敮祲䑜湹浡捩䐠獩汰祡䔠杮湩൥吊呉䕌䄽牥獯景⁴祄慮業楄灳慬⁹湅楧敮਍䍁䥔䕖琽畲൥刊充䥕䕒㵄慦獬൥嬊慐正条⹥㜲൝倊呁㵈㩄停䐳㕶䄠物潰瑲⁳捓湥牥屹祄慮業楄灳慬⁹湅楧敮਍䥔䱔㵅敁潲潳瑦䐠湹浡捩䐠獩汰祡䔠杮湩൥䄊呃噉㵅牴敵਍䕒啑剉䑅昽污敳
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