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  1. That's true but just using a graphic still doesn't address this concern which (at least in my opinion) is a very valid argument to why someone wouldn't want to use full name on a forum.
  2. I would like to add my 2 cents to this. Your answer to somebody that's concerned about revealing his identity is to use his name in a graphic but I don't feel that this solves the problem. Sure it would prevent someone finding your account if he tried searching for your full name but not the other way around. For example: a user is using the same username on multiple websites/forums and someone decides for whatever reason he wants to find out more about this person. He googles the username, finds the link to this forum, opens it and has the full name whether it's typed out in a graphic or plain text.
  3. The aircraft used was A320 CFM and I'm currently on version
  4. I've noticed this a few times already but couldn't find anything in the forums about it. When using anti ice autothrust will continously spool the engines up and down. I've only noticed this during descent and it makes it very hard to keep up with the speed and calculated descent profile when autothrust can't decide what to do. As soon as engine anti ice is turned off autothrust works as it should. Is this a known issue at all?
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