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  1. got it and fixed it appreciate your help
  2. hi thank you but windows anti virus is all off and I have no other anti virus ! still not working.. thanx again
  3. hi the aerosoft updater stopped working after installing the 319/320 1400 for p3d5 ! just gives white page then crashed .. thank u
  4. Thank You Dave and wish u a happy new year and yes it worked fine appreciate it
  5. hi and happy new year just wanted to fly the a321 first time after having the A330 and here is what I get in the fuel planner ! ( look at the cg and trim ) that's after installing the a330 thanx
  6. yes sir always do it happens only if started in cold and dark .. for now I will use ready to taxi state till fixed...thank u all
  7. I did the update and still the GPU is connected !! some flights ok and some not
  8. good news thank u Mathijs great plane by the way .. was waiting for it .. we appreciate the amazing one.
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