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  1. It almost looks like the MCDU is trying to reach the constraints of the way point AFTER the next one.......in one of the examples above it only starts to increase the 1000fpm decent AFTER arriving at the constrained WP
  2. Enabling mipmap VC panels makes them blurry for me personally (with the Airbus that is). Not sure what causes it but I disabled it.
  3. I will second this.....had my headphones on the other day and went to outside view while APU was running........had to quickly throw off my headphones ;-)
  4. In the 2nd flight you had headwind and in the previous you had tailwind.......I didn't experience this myself yet; did you enter the wind details in the MCDU so it can calculate properly?
  5. Speaking of weather injection: did you check if the FPS drop occurs when you ENABLED the weather radar? I remember a performance issue with the WX radar with the previous Airbus product for FSX as well. In the end some users edited the ND file to disable/reduce background checks for WX change.
  6. I don't think so. Aerosoft has modeled the Airbus series to be flown from the Captain's side as far as I'm aware. It's not the end of the world either, because I don't think you are looking at the virtual flight stick during actual flight when looking out of the window anyway ;-)
  7. Did you guys enable the "use GPU acceleration" (or something along those lines) in the configuration options? I think that you can have the instruments on GPU hardware acceleration instead of the CPU having to calculate them.
  8. I noticed that in my (Documents\AerosoftFlightRecorder\Flights) and/or (Documents\Aerosoft\General\Flight Recorder) folder, the flight recorder doesn't save the .FDR files with this Airbus. I enabled the recorder in the FMS but it doesn't seem to save the files. I distinctively remember having the same issue with my Airbus bundle in the past, before noticing I installed them in the wrong order and it worked after that. With the Professional version, I think I'm either missing something, or during the install something went wrong and a .DLL file is not in the DLL.XML file (I tried searching for it, but failed). It's not the end of the world by a long shot, but I've always liked looking back at my flights through Google Maps :-) Can anyone perhaps tell me if it's working for them, and perhaps show me the contents of their DLL.XML?
  9. @c141fe: are you using Riva Tuner Statistics Server to limit FPS (running in the background) or MSI afterburner? Disabling them appears to have made the problem go away. Perhaps something to do with the RTSS app trying to capture the screen or something.
  10. I am also having this issue. I am in the process of assigning views to the Airbus in Chase Plane and for that I have the simulator windowed and switch between applications. It only takes a couple of minutes for the sim to crash due to FMGS.dll error. Based on the above described issue, it might have something to do with not being in full screen. I will fiddle around a bit to see whether it can be easily replicated and if it can be prevented. EDIT: making Chase Plane be "on top" of the full screen P3D does not produce any crashes.
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