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  1. I've tried downloading these "NEO" repaints before, for example, the AA a321 "NEO" and this one and it hasn't worked once for me and I'm pretty frustrated at this because first of all it says" Copy and paste the following text into the "aircraft.cfg" file inside the "Aerosoft Airbus X A321 Extended IAE NEO" folder except there is no A321 NEO folder and I do the proper download into the a321 IAE folder and it STILL doesn't work. So is there some NEO thing that I need to download or am I missing something> Help is much-appreciated thanks!w
  2. What exactly does the "NEO" do? I say this because when I tried to install it it installed fine but when i when to launch fsx steam and when i tried to start up this livery it tells me that it is unable to load the model. Can some please explain what I'm doing wrong?
  3. can someone please send me a link or something for the british airways a318 i cant seem to find one anywhere. thanks
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