Support overload. We are currently seeing 65% more demand for support then we normally see. We can only assume this is because more people are at home due to the corona crises. Our complete support staff is online and they are working flat out, but it will take some days before we can scale up resources. Please be patient.

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  1. This is the text of the email I received from Support. Just seen I missed off the last digit. Dear Phil Your ticket has been created with the ticket ID 43535 and subject "Mega Airport London Heathrow professional" Someone from our customer service team will review it and respond shortly. Regards, Aerosoft GmbH Support Team.
  2. Ticket reference 4353. I was corresponding with customer support but the solution provided did not work. Then it went quiet. However I have now been told that the developer is being contacted. The initial request for assistance on Feb 25th drew no response. Resorted to raising a ticket which then did.
  3. To update you both. Having uninstalled EGLL Pro the floating Safedock guidances do not appear. I do have Orbx installed which support were aware of and they advised to turn off all egll.bgl files related to Orbx on the drive it is installed on. This I did but did not solve the issue. I have run FSDT Live Update on several occasions. All references to UK2000 scenery software has been deleted as far as I can tell. One thing though. I have Orbx EGPH installed and when running SODE from the Add-ons drop down box in P3d it gives the option to turn off UK2000 Edinburgh Safedock. This is not an option in EGLL Pro.
  4. Not that I am aware of. Standard install with GSX2
  5. Well even tech support have given up via email
  6. Hi, I have Aerosoft Mega Pro EGLL installed but the parking system is duplicated with maybe a stock system floating in the air above the stand. I am running P3Dv4 with GSX and Ultimate Ground Crew X software and have uninstalled previous UK2000 EGLL software but the issue still exists. At a lose as to why if anyone can advise. File attached. Thanks Phil
  7. Thanks Shaun. A great product
  8. OK so whilst waiting for a reply I've managed to fathom it out myself.
  9. I've just gone to register my downloaded FSC (obtained from PC Aviator) and it does not appear on the drop down menu to enable me to register it and therefore update the version from 8.4 to 8.5. Also in the readme file it mentions having to run FSCIniConvert.exe prior to running the Database Manager. This file does not appear to have been packaged with the download. Can you help Regards Phil
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