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  1. Looks like texture is missing. If that's normal, I think they made them too black.
  2. @mopperle Of course i have no clue, i`m neither a airbus ingineer nor a game developer, but after reading a few times the A320 FMC I tought it`s possbile. @simbakater It`s not only my expectation. I appreciate Aerosoft for what are they doing and I hope the evolution isn`t over, or else we will remain stuck to a not very in-depth simulation for some of existing and future airliners.
  3. Looking at the succes of PMDG 737NGX I hope that Aerosoft will make a similar addon in terms of simulation and graphics. Anything less will be a little disappointing.
  4. Very nice but there is only one problem, you forget to paint the winglets in pink.
  5. I edited the link, you can see now the image. I think that i already tried that and only the small HSI from the central console worked. I`ll try again tonight and i`ll see if it works Thanks for support.
  6. It is possible to enable NAV instead of GPS in HSI in the MFD? Here`s a picture:
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