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  1. I'm very stuck, this is the only plane I have an issue with, additionally I have the Aerosoft A320/A321 and I have no issue with it(I know their two totally different planes), I'm on 4.4 currently and did the upgrade path instead of a full uninstall/re-install, I had the issue on 4.3 as well. I think the last clean install I did was 4.2 maybe?
  2. Everything is definitely the same when I do that flight, I went through Chuck's guide just to be sure as well. The plane will just not follow any NAV in most situations for me
  3. Hey thanks man, I'll take a look later on, either way it sounds like it might be something with my sim. May be time to do a complete uninstall/reinstall..
  4. Yeah, I uninstalled the old version and did a complete reinstall of
  5. I've also had a few flights where the nav is no longer followed once I hit the star. I give up, I have no other ideas at this point other than to just hope that one update you guys push out magically fixes it.
  6. So after doing a ton of testing, different controllers, routes etc. I have this issue on all routes with all controllers. However it appears as if I still need to load a default plane to get the CRJ to follow the FMS nav at all, I thought we didn't need to do that any more? If I don't load a default plane first it refuses to follow any nav autopilot selection. I still have pitch problems as well, plane goes absolutely crazy after take off and trim goes all the way up to max I have to disengage autopilot and let it "calm down" before I can re-engage. I don't know what else to do at this point and it's extremely frustrating.
  7. Additionally with this release I can't get any nav mode to work HDG or LNAV. I've literally purged every aerosoft file on my computer and reinstalled and it doesn't work. There has to be something up with the plane.
  8. FYI this is still an issue on the latest release
  9. The issue only happens with SIDS and STARS. I just did a flight without issue not using SIDS and STARS
  10. No that doesn't appear to be it. I have NAV mode engaged. I can see the FD turn with the NAV line on the display but the plane just doesn't follow. I need to switch NAV modes from HDG (which works fine) to NAV a ton of times for it to finally re-engage on take off. Then as soon as I hit the STAR the plane does it again
  11. I upgraded to p3d 4.4, reinstalled the aircraft but I’m still having these issues with all flights?! Really frustrating.
  12. This sounds like the same issue I'm having... When you hit the SID or STAR the plane no longer follows LNAV.
  13. I did an uninstall/reinstall of the aircraft, didn't upgrade the nav data and flew the same route and got the same result as above.
  14. I did a clean install of 4.2 but I didn't do one of 4.3, I'm still on 4.3, waiting for some more addon compatibility before I move to 4.4 The flightplan was kbuf (BUF7, rwy 5) - klga(HAARP3, ILS22) GEE -> AUDIL -> RKA -> HAARP3 You do need to slightly clean up the star by removing an extra LGA waypoint for some reason Let me know if you need anything else or want me to try something, thanks for any help!
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