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  1. Thanks. It's already made and FSPS has updated the installer. Tanks and best regards. Take care of you and your family
  2. Hi, I have purchased the Aerosoft "Chania - Ioannis Daskalogiannis" Airport through FSPS Store on 22/11/2019. It was V downloaded (AS_CHANIA-IOANNIS-DASKALOGIANNIS-AIRPORT_V1000.zip) When I use ASUpdater, I well find this airport under "installed products". The installed issue seems to be v At the end of the update description, i have the following instruction : *** A new installer is available for this product. *** *** Please download it from your account! *** But my problem is that with my FSPS account, it is always issue and I don't have th
  3. I'm using the A330 Pro issue and during installation, it's the "Livery Manager A318-A319.exe" which is installed !! I'm with P3D V4.5 And, of course, I can not add the liveries already downloaded from Aerosoft web site. I have also the A320 Family professional Bundle (A318 - A319 - A320 - A321) and I have one Livery Manager for A318-A319 and another one for A320-A321, well working both. Where is the problem ?? Perhaps an update available ? Thanks in advance for your comments and help. Best regards
  4. Hi everybody, Sorry for this late reply but I was not able to use my sim As Homer1977, I uninstalled all Airbus professional products and reinstalled them, starting with A318-A319, then A320-A321 and A330 at the end . I made all updates using procedure from DaveCT2003 : for A318-A319-A320 and A321, for A330 Now, the Fuel Planner is well working for all the models. Thanks again for your help, Michel
  5. Hi, I'm under P3DV4, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bits. I have installed the AS_A318-A319-PROF v1250, the AS-A320-A321-PROF v1250 and A3XX Fuel Planner is well working : the TOW %MAC, ZFW %MAC Trim and Adjust CoG are well filled and changed according to the Payload. After that, I installed the AS-A330-PROF v1000 rev 1644. The A3XX FuelPlanner is not more well working for the A318, A319 A320 and A321 (balance values stay at 0) but it's only working for the A333 - 300 pax If I reinstall one of the 2 first package (A318-A319 or A320-A321), I get an error message when I try
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