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  1. Hi everybody, Sorry for this late reply but I was not able to use my sim As Homer1977, I uninstalled all Airbus professional products and reinstalled them, starting with A318-A319, then A320-A321 and A330 at the end . I made all updates using procedure from DaveCT2003 : for A318-A319-A320 and A321, for A330 Now, the Fuel Planner is well working for all the models. Thanks again for your help, Michel
  2. Hi, I'm under P3DV4, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bits. I have installed the AS_A318-A319-PROF v1250, the AS-A320-A321-PROF v1250 and A3XX Fuel Planner is well working : the TOW %MAC, ZFW %MAC Trim and Adjust CoG are well filled and changed according to the Payload. After that, I installed the AS-A330-PROF v1000 rev 1644. The A3XX FuelPlanner is not more well working for the A318, A319 A320 and A321 (balance values stay at 0) but it's only working for the A333 - 300 pax If I reinstall one of the 2 first package (A318-A319 or A320-A321), I get an error message when I try to start the software (see atached screenshot n°1). To be able to use it, I need to remove the Aircarft_A330.xml file located inside the Aerosoft/General/A3XX Fuel Planner/AircraftData but I don't have anymore the A333 aircraft !! If I put back the xml file, FuelPlanner works for A318-A320 range but I got an error for the A333 (see attached screenshot n°2). And if I click on the "Continue" button, It seems working !!! Waiting for your help to solve this problem (AXX FuelPlanner should work for the total range of Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 and A330 !! Thanks again for your help Regards. PS : Sorry for my english but I'm from France.
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