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  1. easydavid14

    No TOD and weird landing speeds

    Hello, Its not to do with passed TOD as it has yet again happened tonight on a 300nm + route, as soon as reaching TOC and entering STAR/RWY with 290 to destination FL310 its displayed DECELERATE again wiht no TOD in FMC
  2. easydavid14

    No TOD and weird landing speeds

    Hi Complete route was: DEP: EGAA RWY 25 SID: NONE ROUTE: BLACA STAR: TWEED2B ARR: EGPH RWY 24 Weights: ZFW - 53.9 TOW - 57.6 LDW - 56.4 FUEL - 4257 I reached TOC FL170 and instantly it displayed DECELERATE despite not being near TOD as the star profile has FL170 by a waypoint i was still 30nm from.
  3. Hello, As soon as I entered a RWY+STAR the FMC had no TOD and on the APPR page it is displaying a weird VAPP and VLS speeds? Also from the moment TOC was reached "decelerate" was displayed on the PFD? Any ideas? Regards
  4. easydavid14

    Company route editor wont open?

    All fixed, deleted the INI file and its now working, thanks for the help
  5. Hello, Trying to open the company route editor from documents > aerosoft > general and it just presents this error, any idea? Regards David