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  1. Appologies I completely forgot to update my post as I was back to having fun with my sim again. It was working initially after my install without problems and after thinking back as to what had changed on my system between then and now all I could find was my Chaseplane camera add on which had installed an update yesterday. What I had mistakingly done was select the experimental branch for chaseplane and I later discovered that was actually causing problems in more than just my Airbus. Having removed the experimental version completely and installed the stable version, everything is working fine again.
  2. I'm not sure if this is still an on going bug or not but I bought the A3XX bundle a few days ago and I am experiencing this problem myself as of today. I hear the printer sounds but the paper is invisible yet can be clicked on in all the locations you would expect it, Shift+9 also displays the paper. I have installed version
  3. This forum post can be closed. I'm speaking to a very friendly rep from Aerosoft via email now. Hopefully we can get it sorted
  4. I guess that’s what has happened then, I’ve tried going through the the PayPal support stuff and they just say contact the retailer. I won’t be using PayPal again for orders from here that’s for sure. Very frustrating as I was really hoping to get started with the bus tonight...
  5. Good evening, I appologise for being impatient (I'm mostly just excited to try the airbus out) but I wrote a ticket about an hour ago regarding a purchase I just made on your store for the Airbus Professional Bundle and I have no idea if the ticket was recieved or not. My order is still listed as not processed yet and my paypal payment is listed as "pending". Not sure what to do as I can't tell if the payment failed or if it's something on your end. I can't even cancel the order to try another payment option and I'm concerned about being billed 80 euros twice. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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