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  1. I jus

    20 hours ago, Freccia said:

    Hi @Mathijs Kok, still no news from the LEAL developer? He hasn't even replied to my email from April 21st and judging by LEAL's condition everything has remained the same (bad).


    I just read PILOTS is finishing a large v1.5 update which resolves this issue as well. This was posted on Facebook on the 9th of May:

    We have received a lot of valuable feedback since the release of PILOT'S first major international airport release for MSFS - Alicante Airport (LEAL).
    It was our goal from the very beginning to deliver LEAL, one of Europe's mayor Boeing 737 hubs 🙂 and a favourite destination for many, with custom mesh. Little did we know the hurdles that this would all entail! Unfortunately the simulator provides very limited tools in allowing mesh to be smoothed out on any default airport that comes with a photogrammetry layer. After many weeks of R & D work on this particular issue, we are happy to announce that we have now found a path to smooth out mesh bumps, and have already implemented this in the upcoming v1.5 release.
    Along with smoothing out the mesh, we have also given the LEAL jetways an extensive upgrade, as you can see in the video above. This has all taken a bit longer than originally anticipated, nevertheless, we firmly believe that you will be pleased with Alicante Airport v1.5, which should be available within the next weeks, depending on whether you made your purchase at pilots.shop or at the MSFS Marketplace.
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  2. 3 minutes ago, Sasa said:

    Sorry, must have missed this one!

    There's an update under development, which will come later this year (alongside with some further improvements like even more static models, new apron, X-Box compatibility...). The stairs will be made available alongside with it.




    Thanks Sascha!

  3. Loving this tool, adds a lot of extra realism. Currenty in the tool you can enter an IATA code, but with 4 characters. An IATA code only consists of 3 characters... This could lead to errors when users enter EHAM instead of AMS if they do not know the difference between IATA and ICAO. Maybe add support for ICAO codes as well?

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