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  1. Very cool! Will the throttle and future extensions (flaps/gear/autobrake/spoilers) be supported in a similar way?
  2. Prepar3Dv5 came as a total surprise to me. Some nice new features but you'll have to wait a few months until all add-ons are available, all initial bugs are ironed out. Since MSFS2020 will also arrive I decided to stay on P3Dv4.5HF3 and enjoy flying until MSFS2020 drops.
  3. Hi Aerosoft/TailStrike, Just got LICR for P3Dv4.5HF3 and found no aircraft at the airport. When opening the AFCAD I noticed the Radius is too small for all the spots. In order to park a 737 or A319/A320, the size should be 19.1m. No it is set to 10m. I have updated all spots accordingly and attached my AFCAD. Feel free to take a look and use it in an update (compiled with 4.5HF3 SDK). LICR_AFCAD_P3DV45.zip
  4. SODE is used by developers to control the jetways, lighting, automatic switching of seasons and more...
  5. What happens if you advance the throttles a little bit and then back to idle? Does the CL continue then?
  6. Bradley, do you hear the voice engine stabilized? Sometimes it help to advance the throttle a bit and then to F1/Cut. Then you'll hear the call-out and the CL progresses.
  7. Is there anything you can say about FPS compared to v4.5? According to LM it would be better with the introduction of DirectX12. I know FPS is not everything, but interested to see.
  8. Er!k

    LSGG - CTD

    Are there any other add-on airports in the region? Have you tried disabling AI (if you are using that)? In order to eliminate the issue it is best to disable all add-ons except LSGG.
  9. Hello Aerosoft team, Did a flight with the A320, v1.3.0.0 today and found the font used on the glareshield is hard to read. It's way more dark then previous versions. I have attached a screenshot. Any help would be appreciated! Erik
  10. Hello Aerosoft, In the on-line magazine I found some information regarding an upcoming Düsseldorf professional. Are you willing to give some additional information on this one? Thanks and have a great 2020!
  11. I am used a share everything I fix and discover with the community, but after my last post in a topic, the topic was closed without any decent comment about my post. Seriously thinking about keeping it to myself in the future... But for all the people who like Rotterdam X and can't use it in P3Dv4 because the runway lights do not work I will publish the fix here for one more time: Since Rotterdam professional was cancelled, I installed the 'old' Rotterdam X version in P3Dv4. Everything OK except for the runway lighting and PAPI. I converted the AFCAD file to P3Dv4 and manually added the runway lights. Now the airport is completely usable! To install: - Go to the Rotterdam scenery folder (Aerosoft\Dutch Airports - Rotterdam\Scenery) - Rename the file AF2_EHRD.bgl to AF2_EHRD.off - Unzip the attachment and place the file in the same folder Now you have night lights at Rotterdam! EHRD_ADEP4_EdM.zip
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